Maltese Shooters to blame for high pigeon numbers throughout the island!

The peregrine Falcon is now moving into the towns and cities of Britain resulting from the high pigeon numbers which cost the local councils/public money £millions to remove the pigeons and the dirt these birds leave behind. Up to 260 pairs of urban Peregrine have now been counted making up around 1/4 of the total population in Britain. This increase is saving many councils a lot of money as the pigeons are taken as food by the Peregrine. Not everybody is happy as local pigeon fanciers hate the Peregrines for taking their private birds even when many become feral and increase the dirt in towns and cities and public cost!

Malta should ask the gun men of their island to pay for the cleanup of these pigeons due to them killing the Peregrines in the first place. This would result in the gun men finally stopping shooting the falcons and an island population returning to ‘naturally’ to control these pigeons, especially as the Peregrine falcon was once the National Bird – The Maltese Falcon!

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