Two dead peregrines, three surviving chicks: one successful rescue mission

The illegal killing of our Peregrines is nothing new, and certainly now appears to be on the increase both on moorland where red grouse are shot and in a number of rural areas in England. But what happened in Shropshire last week was truly sickening. Two adult breeding Peregrines were found poisoned below their traditional nesting site at Clee Hill in Shropshire. Thanks to the actions of the Shropshire Peregrine Group who have been monitoring this site for a number of years together with the prompt action of RSPB staff, all three chicks were recovered from the nest alive and in good health. After the chicks had been checked over by a local vet the young Peregrines have now been transferred to a rehabilitation centre near York.


The Female Clee Peregrine found poisoned last week bringing food to feed her chicks. Image taken two years ago by the Shropshire Peregrine Group

To read the full account of what took place follow this link, you will be truly shocked. 

2 comments to Two dead peregrines, three surviving chicks: one successful rescue mission

  • Adam

    Disgusting! So glad that the chick’s survived though. Probably Pigeon fanciers did this, or the usual gamekeeper suspects. A very sad, evil and selfish act.

  • Sheila

    Agree Completely! I think you are right ‘Pigeon people’ if person responsible is found their birds should be confiscated and loft destroyed plus whatever the law can throw at them. These were beautiful birds we often went and watched them.