The Forest of Bowland offers no safe haven for grouse predating raptors.

On Saturday 22nd April Terry Pickford visited 4 abandoned territorial Peregrine nesting sites on the United Utilities estate in the Forest of Bowland. The results of what was found at the third site visited on Saturday are depicted in the attached video, with an overall update of this seasons breeding activity in the Forest of Bowland below.

Of the eleven historical nesting territories so far examined this spring, each located on moorland in Bowland owned by United Utilities, nine of these territories tragically remain abandoned with little hope of ever being reoccupied.

As far as we are aware only two Peregrine territories located on the United Utilities Bowland estate are occupied by Peregrines this season. An additional third site on private property elsewhere in the Forest of Bowland is confirmed occupied as of last Friday. At one additional Peregrine territory, known to have been abandoned for throughout the last nine years, a single female was seen two weeks ago. No up to date information is so far available.

The historic nesting site featured in this video was the third territory examined last Saturday by Terry. The fourth and last territory visited on Saturday will feature in a further hard hitting video towards the end of this week. You will be astounded at what Terry found and the kind of subtleties being adopted by estate landowners and their gamekeepers to prevent Peregrines breeding within this and many other territory throughout the Forest of Bowland.

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