Shot Cumbrian Peregrine found at same location as dead Hen Harrier

Breeding Peregrines used to be found at a number of locations on the Croglin estate but sadly they do not breed there any more. This adult would have had a territory some where close to where it was found. Record bags of Red Grouse were recorded on this estate last year but curiously Black Grouse are declining. Many Red Grouse shoots hate Black Grouse because it is claimed they disturb the shoot and take the Red Grouse away from the butts.

The RSPB reserve at Geltsdale is found close to this estate and another Red Grouse moor on Knarsdale where the Billionaire owner gives millions to conservation charities in USA for saving wild areas, but still he does not have breeding Peregrine Falcons or Hen Harriers breeding on his moor at Knarsdale. they too had a record season for shooting Red Grouse in 2016 but sadly no resident breeding birds of prey.

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