Terry Pickford: New female Peregrine takes over at Church: TV Interview: 6pm tonight 27/03/2017



Terry Pickford updates viewer on recent developments at the St Anne’s church after he had removed the shot Peregrine from Lancashire Church in February.

Terry Pickford talks once again to That’s Lancashire TV, Freeview, Channel 7  tonight from 6pm where he provides up to date detail of the new replacement female peregrine’s arrival, brought to church by the resident male which had perched on the church tower alone for several weeks. You will recall in Terry’s last interview he told viewer about the sad recovery of the shot female Peregrine Falcon he had found dead on the church in St Anne’s Lancashire in mid February.

Terry was eager to share good news because there has now been a happy ending to the earlier tragedy, bringing together a new family of peregrine falcons to the rooftops of St Annes.

You can follow Terry’s first interview and view video HERE

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