Human Disturbance likely cause for the failure of Bowland Peregrine nest in 2016



In the above video, Terry Pickford talks about his concern at the failure and abandonment in April 2016 of potentially  the Forest of Bowland’s only occupied Peregrine Falcon territory. Terry highlights the possible cause be believes resulted in the desertion of  the territory, the only occupied nest he was aware of in the Forest of Bowland in 2016. Terry believes the abandonment of the nest containing an unknown number of eggs was most likely the result of irresponsible human disturbance witnessed by a passing bird watcher on Thursday 21 April lasting 2 hours between 5pm and 7pm. Throughout this time frame the pair of Peregrines were observed flying and stooping in a distressed manner above the territory. Two days later Terry was made aware the nest and eggs had been abandoned.

2 comments to Human Disturbance likely cause for the failure of Bowland Peregrine nest in 2016

  • Any chance of getting the drivers name from the no Plate ?

    Editor’s Comment. As far as we know mountain bicycles don’t have number plates.

  • old crom

    I was under the impression that this bicycle was traced to a rented house on the united utilities estate. Were the police informed of this and if so did they investigate? I have tried to find out to no avail because the police will not do anything without an incident number, however if this person was renting a property then his details must be known to United Utilities, Terry please can you confirm whether or not any action was taken?
    Thanks, Old Crom

    Editor’s Comment. No action was taken at the time or after the incident was observed by the passing walker who witnessed what had taken place at this nest. As you correctly comment, the car carrying the bicycle was seen parked outside the rented property on the UU estate. Terry Pickford has now reported the information to the Police, along with a second nest near Burnley which was also found deserted after a camera had been installed leaving 4 eggs in the nest.