Terry Pickford talks to That’s Lancashire TV .

Terry Pickford talks about wildlife crime to ‘That’s Lancashire TV’ Headlines News Last Night. Fury at Peregrine shot on Lancashire Church. Calls for tougher punishments for wildlife crimes.


2 comments to Terry Pickford talks to That’s Lancashire TV .

  • david holden

    You have done well to get the story of this unfortunate bird out there and in as near to real time as possible. As I mentioned before I doubt the bird was shot in the location it was found but that is not much comfort to the bird. What I find strange is other raptor sites have not picked up on this story as if anyone even swears at a raptor they are usually all over it like a rash moaning about the police , gamekeepers and and uncle Tom Cobbley and all. I can only assume the murky world of raptor monitoring and the internal feuding is involved which is a shame. Likewise the silence from the powers that be over what may be a persecution case involving a license holder. I am happy to say that in this neck of the woods I have seen several harriers over the last couple of weeks all doing well and free from fashion accessories and long may it continue.

  • Richard Lawton

    Today I have seen two peregrines on St Thomas church I hope that
    The male has found a new mate.