The Eagle Owl: Lord of the night video

The Eagle Owl is the most powerful nocturnal bird of prey on the Iberian Peninsula. Its great scope and versatility allows it to hunt on innumerable species and move silently in diverse ecosystems. For over ten years the eagle owl has been breeding in the Forest of Bowland, primarily on moorland owned by United Utilities. A number of additional nesting attempts have been recorded on other Bowland estates but rarely have these nesting attempts been successful; persecution and nest disturbance remains the main two reasons for nest failures here in Lancashire’s Forest of Bowland.

This season, 2016, a single nesting pair of eagle owls were successful, against the odds managing to raise 3 fledged owlets. This year thankfully common sense prevailed, visits by those tasked with protecting the single pair after inappropriate visits to nests containing eggs and small chicks were curtailed. Had such a strategy been put into place much earlier eagle owl nest success would certainly have been much higher. Lets hope that such inappropriate visits to occupied nests is a thing of the past here in the Forest of Bowland. Sadly persecution is another issue altogether which is almost impossible to control.

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