Bowland Eagle Owl: nesting scrape examined post nesting season

Terry Pickford is shown speaking at an old and currently abandoned eagle owl nest site in the Forest of Bowland (31st October 2016) which may have been successfully used by a breeding pair of eagle owls this year. Rumors persist that there has been a single successful breeding pair of eagle owls in Bowland which fledged 3 chicks this year.

This particular territory was last visited and videoed by Terry in June 2014 when the same nest scrape was found abandoned containing 4 eggs, two of the eggs having been eaten partially by corvids. Clearly someone at the time had been visiting these eagle owl nests during the 2014 breeding season at a time when the eggs were being incubated, early March causing the adult breeding pair to desert their nests containing eggs.

Lets hope the lessons of the past have been learned and this year’s nest site, if it contained eggs was left completely alone. Only time will now tell, we look forward to viewing the video footage taken in Bowland by the the One Show sometime this month, because viewers will be able to establish if this was the successful 2016 territory or not?

If the ongoing rumors about a successful pair of Bowland eagle owls this season prove to have be true, its an irony that there were no successful nesting attempts made by either peregrine of hen harrier in Bowland this year at all, why not?  What may we ask is going on in this important remote moorland region in west Lancashire that has allowed so many so called ‘protected’ birds of prey to simply disappear? Has no one any plans to do anything about what has been allowed to take place? Importantly, why is is being left to Terry Pickford along with members of the North West Raptor Group to provide publicity about the on going Forest of Bowland tragedy?

3 comments to Bowland Eagle Owl: nesting scrape examined post nesting season

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    Eagle owls and buzzards should be encouraged in the cities rather than peregrines and sparrow hawks.

    Editor’s comment. Why should they?

  • Albert Ross

    I somehow don’t think Eagle Owls would be very welcome in a city or even a town. No small dog or cat would be safe and I can hear the screams of pet owners even now.
    By the same token despite the protests of pigeon fanciers our smaller raptors do very well in such a close environment as anyone with a bird feeder will tell you.
    Red Kites? Not in these hygenic days.

  • Thorbjorn Odinsberg

    Surely rumour is the wrong word to use if these birds have been filmed for the One Show. Can somebody not be asked , or are the birds ringed surely if they had been ringed, and this seems likely the ringer would know, can they not be contacted?

    Editor’s Comment. We have no viable evidence that the nesting eagles in Bowland were filmed, only a rumor, until the film is broadcast it remains just that a rumor.How does anyone contact the possible ringer without a name? If that were possible it is most likely he or she would not release and data.