Terry Pickford TV interview: Raptor Wipeout in the Forest of Bowland

This is the first of two television broadcast featuring Terry Pickford. Here the veteran raptor conservationist highlights the damage caused by game management and direct persecution to species like the Hen Harrier and Peregrine falcon throughout the Lancashire’s Forest of Bowland since 2010. This is why Mr Pickford feels the only answer to resolve this age old problem  which continues unabated upon England’s moorland uplands is to ban all Driven Grouse Shooting altogether. Terry Pickford’s second interview will be televised  via Channel 7 on or around the 31st October when the final debate on banning Driven Grouse Shooting will take place in London.


5 comments to Terry Pickford TV interview: Raptor Wipeout in the Forest of Bowland

  • Stuart Pryor

    Yet again it’s Terry Pickford telling it how it is , we have a lot to be thankful for truth tellers. The more aware that people become about persecution of our wildlife ,the sooner something will be done about it. Ban driven grouse shooting.

  • Bubo bubo

    Terry Pickford is the only one that tells the whole truth about the disaster that has unfolded in the Forest of Bowland, still not a word from the rspb about the disappearance of 18 pairs of peregrine falcons, can someone please tell me why the rspb still have a presence in bowland and what are they going to protect with nothing left ?

  • Brian Leecy

    Well done Terry for getting this Disgraceful state of affairs out there to the Public.I will certainly be writing to MPs regarding this.As someone who used to go to Bowland watching the Fantastic Birds of Prey like Peregrines and Hen Harriers ,Buzzards,even many times watching Hen Harriers Sky dancing,this was the best place by far in England that I had ever been to.And now to see this formerly Outstanding Area reduced through Persecution to NOTHING ! How can this be ? I urge anyone who hasn’t already Written to their MPS to Please do so,we have to stress they listen to us and do something about it .I know from personnel experience how lots of People don’t go to the Forest of Bowland anymore,and until this systematic illegal persecution of our Birds of Prey and Wildlife is sorted out why would they !

  • Skydancer Kevin moore

    Brian , future generations of birders will never have the opportunity like you and I have of watching the male hen harrier skydancing over a grouse moor or watching a Peregrine stoop for prey in a remote bowland valley, what they will see is plenty of red grouse and the odd buzzard .

  • Mark Farrar

    I have never known this occur in my lifetime, no successful breeding peregrines or breeding hen harriers on the grouse moors in the Forest Of Bowland.Red Grouse are on the Amber list. When the Red Grouse become scarce and become extinct in the Forest Of Bowland the grouse shooting will become pheasant shooting which is what it is today. Pheasant shooting! Driven Pheasant shooting!