Raptor killing black spot in Devon claims another victim: Immature Peregrine shot.

Police investigate shooting of Peregrine Falcon, Ipplepen, Devon

£1,000 reward offered by RSPB

Police are investigating the shooting of a Peregrine Falcon near Ipplepen in Devon, causing it injury.

The bird of prey was found on 23rd August 2016 with an injury to its wing. Examination of the bird by a local vet revealed that […]

Black vulture collided with plane landing in Mallorca

Recently the VCF website discussed the issue of air strikes between aircraft and large vultures near some Spanish airports. Earlier this week the inevitable happened, a Lufthansa plane landing at Mallorca airport collided with a black vulture (see photo).


White-tailed eagles, will Britain achieve the same success as in Poland?

Despite the never ending poisoning, trapping and killing of so called ‘protected’ raptors in our country we are living in a remarkable age of progress for nature conservation. Species like the White-tailed Eagle, Osprey, Red Kite and Goshawk were birds driven to extinction throughout Britain by man’s ignorance and intolerance. It is disappointing those human […]

What does the future hold for the Polish White-tailed Sea Eagle?


Professor Mizera ringing female eaglet near Poznan 2006. Note the ring colour and number, then examine the third image of the same bird photographed fishing by Terry Pickford 2 years later 85 km to the west of Poznan. What an amazing coincidence.

Throughout the […]

Government announced the date for the Driven Grouse Shooting Debate.

Attached below is the Government response to the people who signed Mark Avery’s petition asking for a Ban of Driven Grouse Shooting in England. The initial hearing where evidence will be submitted will take place at the Houses of Parliament on Tuesday 18 October at 2.15pm.


Licenses allowed Buzzards to be killed inside the pheasant rearing pens, Why? Why?

Natural England recently issued a licence permitting the control of up to 10 buzzards to prevent damage to pheasants poults. What Natural England did not admitted until now was that the licence they issued was to control Buzzards predating young pheasants inside the rearing pens and not outside. (See last paragraph in the letter […]

Tragic news from captive-bred Egyptian vultures Regina and Lom – both drowned while trying to cross the Mediterranean

When Regina, and then Lom – two of the three captive bred Egyptian Vultures released this year in Bulgaria – crossed from Turkey to Cyprus on their migration south, our hearts sunk. We knew already that about 70% of all tagged wild nestlings from the Balkans ended up drowning in the Med in […]

Chris Packham & Mark Avery Review The Real Price of Grouse, but overlook the Forest of Bowland Tragedy

Message to Mark Avery from Terry Pickford, no mention of the Forest of Bowland Tragedy, why?

Mark, I was so disappointed that during your interview above with Chris Packham this week, although you highlighted the disappearance of many, but not all, raptors from the Yorkshire dales, the north York moors and the Peak District, […]

Eighth tagged eagle ‘disappears’ in Monadhliaths, says RSPB

The birds were fitted with satellite tags, all of which no longer transmit information on where the raptors are. RSPB Scotland said the eagles had vanished in the Monadhliath mountains south east of Inverness.


Forest of Bowland Eagle Owls – The One Show Premiere

The One Show BBC1 will feature the nesting pair of Bowland Eagle Owls at 7pm on Monday 19 September, which successfully nested on the United Utilities estate this year without incident for the first time in a number of years. We urge you to add the date into your diary.