Eagle Owls success in Bowland, but Hen Harriers & Peregrines complete failure 2016

Surprisingly the only successful raptors to breed this year in the Forest of Bowland is the Eagle Owl, one pair have managed against all the odd to raise a brood of 3 chicks on moorland owned by United Utilities this season. What is amazing about this years  development, their first clutch of eggs are reported as having been stolen. It is unusual for an Eagle Owl to lay a repeat clutch, but that is just what the experts are saying took place.

Eagle Owls Stoney Clough

Brood of Forest of Bowland Eagle Owls, but what does the future hold for them

The whole operation has now been filmed by the One Show and will be broadcast in the next week or so. Are we now going to see claims by the shooting community that the successful breeding pair have killed and eaten all the missing Hen Harriers and Peregrines which have now been lost from the Forest of Bowland? And we should ask what is the future for the 3 fledged owlets once they migrate to other shooting estates in the region, will they be killed, most likely sadly.


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  • Out of interest what is the current number of breeding merlins in the Forest of Bowland?

  • Albert Ross

    In these depressing times on Bowland it is good to see that some good news is possible.

    Editor’s Comment. Something still very odd in our view, first clutch of eggs stolen by a Scottish egg collector; how did this mystery person find the nest from where he took the eggs? As it is being claimed the authorities already were aware of the egg collector’s presence in Bowland, why was he not apprehended and sent packing before he could do any damage? We are advised by reliable individuals eagle owl eggs would not really be of interest to an avid egg collector because of the doubt that exists over their origin, wild or escaped birds!

    We have now been advised by someone who wishes to remain anonymous, that is more likely the first clutch of eggs may have been disturbed at a very early stage in the incubation process leading to the abandonment of this clutch. In our view this scenario seems more plausible and in keeping with what took place in several previous seasons when several eagle owl nests in Bowland were each discovered containing abandoned eggs.

    We must not forget the last viable peregrine nest in Bowland this year was found abandoned after an unidentified person was seen entering the territory at 5pm and leaving at 7pm in early April. We have good reason to believe this person had been instructed to visit the nest containing eggs to install a surveillance camera. If true, this was not only reckless it was very irresponsible on the part of all those individuals involved.

  • Trapit

    There are very few serious egg collectors active , compared to say ten years ago. I have lost count of the times I have been stopped,car searched ,films confiscated,even house searched,oh and one court appearance.All on suspicion,due to an obsession with birds nests since childhood.Even holding a Schedule one licence did not give me the benefit of the doubt.Why was this mystery Scotsman not apprehended?,has he since been raided?.Incompetance or a cover story?.