RSPB report 6 active Hen Harrier nests on their Islay nature reserve

This week the RSPB have reported there are 6 active Hen Harrier nests each located on or just outside their 900ha ( 2223 acres) Loch Gruinart nature reserve on the island of Islay off the west coast of Scotland. The 6 pairs at Gruinart is more than the entire Hen Harrier population in England, where […]

Griffons Vultures in northern Denmark – including a Spanish one!

In the last few years Griffon vultures have been turning up in northern Europe in increasing numbers and frequency, and almost every year there are reports from atypical places. This weekend a group of 34 griffon cultures, including a colour-ringed individual from Spain (see photo), was seen in the northern area of Jutland, Denmark […]

Terry Pickford tells it how it is: Guest blog on Mark Avery’s site

Mark Avery’s guest blog today is “Bowland and its lack of raptors” by Terry Pickford. Terry tells it how it is in Bowland today:

Banning driven grouse shooting in England is in my opinion the best platform from which to engage with the wider public, who so far know very little or nothing about the […]

The tenth Red Kite found shot in North Yorkshire Nr Harrogate

North Yorkshire Police have described the persecution of red kites as “totally unacceptable”, after the 10th Red Kite in North Yorkshire was found shot. On Monday, a member of the public found a dead adult red kite at Timble Ings, between Harrogate and Skipton. It was taken to a vet to be examined and […]

Turbine Strike on White-tailed Eagle

Image by Jon Brain. When planning consent was granted for Edinbane and Ben Aketil wind farms environmental impact assessments recognised that a collision risk did exist for Golden Eagles. However, no such risk existed for White-tailed Eagles, apparently based on the lack of observations, and despite predictions that the population was expanding.


The proposed cull of up to 300 Golden Eagles in Norway.


The Proposed cull of up 300 Golden Eagles in Norway, supported by the Norwegian Parliament

Please sign this petition to prevent this happening below.

Read more about this here: (Killing of Golden Eagles adopted by the Norwegian parliament)

And sign a petition to support the Golden Eagles here:

You can […]

National Trust give notice to rescind grouse shooting lease after gamekeeper deployed decoy Hen Harrier in Peak District.

In February this year, a man armed with a shotgun, was captured on video by birdwatchers in the Derbyshire Peak District on moorland owned by the National Trust lying full length amongst the heather 30 metres from what appeared to be a decoy hen harrier attached to a short stick. Decoy birds such […]

Prime minister says if we stay in EU he would seek to ensure “birds & habitats directives are maintained in UK.”

Contained in the rewilding article listed in the link below, read what our Prime Minister said about protecting birds and the biodiversity of our countryside if there is a vote to remain in the EU: Can anyone believe what any politician tells us?

“EU membership” the Prime Minister said, “underpins many crucial environmental protections […]

Got rid of all the Bowland raptors no more to kill, now let’s kill something else.

One of a number of dead Black-backed gulls found and dumped in piles on a Forest of Bowland shooting estate last Saturday 4 June 2016

Now that the two apex avian predators, Hen Harriers and Peregrines, have vanished from the Forest of Bowland presumed destroyed to protect red […]

Carbofuran named as the poison killer of griffon vultures in Cyprus

Some time ago we reported that at least 7 griffon vultures were found dead in Cyprus probably poisoned. The results of the toxicological analysis, done in Israel by the Nature and Parks Authority,have finally been published: Carbofuran, an extremely toxic pesticide, which has been banned in the EU since 2007. The birds also […]