Three bearded vultures successfully released in Andalucía, Spain

All 3 young – raised by the captive breeding network managed by the Vulture Conservation Foundation – were named Pozo Alcón, after a local municipality, and Seprona and AMA, two Andalusian agencies that have contributed much to the reintroduction project, notably in their fight against poisoning.


The young were born on bearded vulture specialized captive breeding center in Guadalentín (also managed by the Junta de Andalusia), the Liberec Zoo (Czech republic) and the Richard Faust captive-breeding center (Austria). The Consejero de Medio Ambiente y Ordenación del Territorio (regional minister of environment), José Fiscal, was present. This is the first release of birds in Andalusia this year. So far, and with these three birds, 40 bearded vultures have been released in Andalucía since 2006, and one pair bred successfully last year, after local extinction in the 80s.  Of these, 16 birds are alive  – their tags continue to transmit –, other 5 are also alive but their tags do not transit any longer, while 11 died and 5 are lost (fate unknown).

This article was first published by the Vulture Conservation Foundation 10 May 2016


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  • Bird lover & concerned U.U. customer!

    It sounds like the fight to re-introduce the Bearded Vulture is going to be long term, though with some success with breeding in the wild, they will soon see an upturn in numbers and hopefully before too long, discover new individual birds they didn’t previously know about.