Raptor Politics: Hen Harrier sighting hot line – report your sighting to us.

It appears there will be far fewer breeding Hen Harriers on England’s moorlands this year if the situation does not change for the better According to an RSPB official,; not the result of illegal persecution this time, but because of a shortage of food. Yes thats what the RSPB are now claiming. […]

Peregrine falcon found dead in Glenwherry Co. Antrim

A peregrine falcon has been found dead in Glenwherry, Co. Antrim, in Northern Ireland, in the exact same location that a young peregrine was found shot in 2012. The peregrine was discovered on 11th April 2016 and was sent to AFBI for post-mortem. It is strongly suspected that the peregrine has been […]

Raptor Politics under sustained cyber attacks for publishing the truth

Important Notification to our thousands of supporters.

Beginning at midnight last evening 14/04/2016, there have been 1200 attempt to hack into Raptor Politics. The IP addresses were from all over the world. This in our view support the fact that what we are saying about raptor persecution is hurting specific groups and individuals.

Please […]

Dead bearded vulture found last year in Switzerland had been released in Vercors in 2012

The Bearded Vulture found dead in Switzerland captured feeding top left amongst a group of Griffon Vultures

In April 2015 a Swiss game warden called Toni Schmid found, with the help of his dog, the remains of a young bearded vulture in an avalanche in the Gasterntal in Switzerland. The Centre for Fish and […]

What Now For Langholm?

The announcement of the end of this second trial on the 29,000 acres of Langholm Moor will be a surprise to many but not to those who have kept a close eye on procedures over the last 30 years or more. By stopping the keepering they are suggesting they already know the […]

Egyptian vultures eluded us at the Douro, Spain

Egyption Vulture

Last week a team from the Vulture Conservation Foundation, Junta de Castilla y Leon, Fundación de Patrimonio Natural, SPEA, ATN and Palombar (all partners in the LIFE RUPIS project) spent several days in the field at the Natural Park Arribes del Duero (Spain, just […]

4 members of an Irish Pigeon Racing Club in County Waterford, Ireland each convicted of illegally poisoning Peregrine and Sparrowhawks

We received the attached newspaper cutting from the Irish Raptor Study Group. The information relates to 4 men all associated with a pigeon racing club in County Waterford, Ireland, who have been convicted of illegally poisoning peregrines and sparrowhawks, and other associated wildlife crimes.


The little Altore (Corsican Bearded Vulture) has been successfully adopted!

Following a gruelling trip from Corsica to Andalusia, the young bearded vulture – or Altore in Corsican – has been successfully adopted last weekend by a pair of conspecifics in the Guadalentín bearded vulture captive breeding unit, managed by the Junta de Andalucía and the Fundación Gypaetus.


Mortality causes for the Egyptian Vulture (Neophron Percnopterus) in Bulgaria & Greece (1997-2015)

A recent assessment of the causes of mortality affecting the severely declining Balkan population of Egyptian vulture has recently been published by the LIFE The return of the Nephron project (http://lifeneophron.eu/).


One altore across Europe – or how a Corsican bearded vultures chick flew from Bastia to Madrid to be adopted by a captive pair

Corsican Bearded Vulture Chick, taken from nest as an egg, hatched in captivity 18 March, then flown from Bastia airport first to France and then to the Bearded Vulture Captive Breeding Specialized Unit at Guadalentín, Andalusia, Spain

The Corsican bearded vulture chick hatched artificially on the 18th of March, as part of an emergency […]