New story – Is Britain being bribed by the poison companies: Watch the video

We are looking at results from Israel where natural predators are stopping the use of poison in farm crops and buildings which has been studied for over 15 years. So why are there no similar schemes in Britain? Instead our wildlife is slowly being poisoned by secondary poisoning! Watch this pioneering video and make up […]

Preparations underway for the first ever release of Bearded vultures in Western French Pre-Alps

The Baronnies mountains are the westernmost extremity of the French Pre-Alps – and so a strategically important site for the establishment of a corridor for bearded vultures between the Alps (where the species has been reintroduced), the Grands Causses-Massif Central (where there is also a reintroduction project) and the Pyrenean populations.

Are wildlife able to efficiently clean up animal ‘After Birth’ saving the tax-payer millions of £’s

Several years ago Raptor Politics was contacted by a resident from the South Cumbrian town of Ulverston, informing us he and his wife had witnessed on several occasions up to 7 Red Kites feeding together in a local farmers field on sheep ‘after-birth’ deposited all over the field after the Ewes had […]

Is the Forest of Bowland about to become a possible Raptor Free Zone?

As far as I am aware prior to 2015 and 2016, the last year in which a single active Peregrine territory existed in the Forest of Bowland was 1974. The nest which had already been abandoned was discovered at the head of the Langden Valley by Paul Stott, a member of the North West Raptor […]

Peregrine photographed after receiving fatal wound from a shotgun as it returning to an active nest containing eggs

The unique image depicted below was taken of a male peregrine falcon flying close to an active nest after it had been shot and possibly fatally injured in the northern Pennines today. The male in the image was the mate of a female known to be incubating a clutch of eggs at this nest situated […]

Irish Red Kite Project Soars to New Heights.

Irish Red Kite Project Soars to New Heights –

more than 50 pairs now recorded in Ireland and over 150 young fledged between 2010 and 2015 as excitement builds for monitoring in 2016.

Dr Marc Ruddock, red kite project manager on right

Dante’s Inferno, Saddleworth Moor set ablaze: Help us ban driven grouse shooting.

Dante’s Inferno Saddleworth Moor ablaze. Do these images represent intensive habitat management?

Ban driven grouse shooting Grouse shooting for ‘sport’ depends on intensive habitat management which increases flood risk and greenhouse gas emissions, relies on killing Foxes, Stoats, Mountain Hares etc in large numbers and […]

New paper vindicates VCF methods – release of captive-bred bearded vultures the best method to restore populations

The Vulture Conservation Foundation has been releasing captive-bred young bearded vultures in the Alps (since 1986) – and more recently in Andalusia (since 2006) and Grands-Causses/Massif Central (since 2010), with the aim to re-establish the species across European mountain ranges where it had disappeared. The bearded vulture is now firmly established in the […]

Should the Lynx be rewilded in the UK?

A captive breeding programme that has tripled numbers of lynx in Spain over the last 15 years may now be followed by the reintroduction of the lynx to the UK after an absence of more than 1,000 years.

While the return of a major predator worries farmers, the tufty-eared cat is proving […]

Eagle Owl: Demon or Scapegoat? Sympathies divided for bird preparing to nest once more

One of 3 Eagle Owl chicks, left to starve in a nest on the United Utilities Estates in the Forest of Bowland, after the breeding female vanished.

A decade ago “The Eagle Owl Has Landed” made a sensational headline when it was revealed the world’s largest owl […]