UPDATE: Peregrines in the Forest of Bowland finally brought down by prejudice and misguided politics

Update 17:00 19:00, Thursday 21-04-2016:

One Forest of Bowland peregrine site confirmed occupied, but subjected to 2 hours disturbance.

We are now able to confirm the information provided by an RSPB officer on Saturday 16 April to 3 members of the North West Raptor Group , and to 2 other walkers, that the Croasdale peregrine site (United Utilities estate) was NOT occupied was false information.  At 17:00 tonight (21 April), both falcons were seen flying above their territory in a disturbed manner, stooping towards the ground. The site was still being disturbed by an unknown male who had ridden up to the valley on a mountain bike 2 hours later at 19:00. The unknown male was observed walking from the territory back to his bike before riding back down the Salter track towards Slaidburn. The man was carrying a rucksack on his back. At this stage we do not know if the nest was being robbed, or if the man seen entering and leaving the site was working on behalf of the RSPB. What we are able to say, there was no justification whatsoever for DISTURBING the falcons for a 2 hour period.


The mountain bike used by the unidentified male who was seen entering and leaving the peregrine territory


United Utilities Estate has been confirmed by the RSPB as no longer occupied, bringing the total number of abandoned sites to 22. 

NB: The above information provided by an RSPB officer on Saturday 16 April was false.

Update 26-03-2016 : The list gets longer

Based upon information received last night, we are currently investigating claims sent to us by a concerned Bowland raptor worker that our list of sites was missing 3 peregrine territories he believes are also abandoned. We have now checked out one of these sites and the information has proved valid. Any subsequent additional abandoned sites we are able to verify will be added in RED to our existing list. Any sites discovered to have been reoccupied this season will be changed to GREEN.

We would like to think our treatment of wildlife has improved since 1947 when the first recorded pair of breeding Peregrine falcons located in the Forest of Bowland were shot and their clutch of 4 eggs destroyed by estate gamekeepers. The reality is the situation today on England’s moorland uplands where red grouse are shot is now much worse than it was all those years ago. Throughout a majority of these moorland areas, peregrines and hen harriers are becoming more conspicuous each season by their almost total absence from these regions..


The most suitable logo that depicts the situation throughout this area designated as an ‘Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.’ 

In the spring of 2009 seventeen occupied peregrine territories were recorded by licensed members of the North West Raptor Group in the Forest of Bowland. One year later, in 2010 Natural England, (the Government’s Wildlife Advisor on the Natural Environment) with-held licences which they had previously issued permitting the group to monitor and protect peregrines, including several other threatened raptor species for over thirty five years; just 4 years later fifteen of these historic territories had been found abandoned resulting in the disappearance of the adult falcons..

In 2014 taking into account the unprecedented disappearance of so many Peregrines in such a short time frame from one moorland region, Terry Pickford a founder member of the NWRG (1967) appealed Natural England’s decision asking them to reinstate his license, they refused. The 3 reasons provided by Natural England for their decision were as ridiculous as they were illogical, read below..

  1. Terry was advised other licence holders had been appointed to cover this region. (Terry had worked in Bowland since 1975 protecting peregrines )
  2. Terry’s presence would cause unnecessary disturbance to nests. (What nests, by this time the peregrine was almost extinct in Bowland? )
  3. Issuing Terry with  license would cause duplication of nest visits. (How could anyone duplicate visits to nests that no longer existed? )

Based upon valid arguments contained in Terry Pickford’s licence reinstatement request, amongst other facts, he highlighted that Peregrines and a high number of their nests were being destroyed at an unprecedented rate on estates in Bowland; who’s interests were Natural England really trying to protect by refusing to reinstate his Bowland licence we might ask?

Putting Natural England’s decision into perspective it is important to point out Terry Pickford has held a BTO class ‘A’ ringing permit since 1986 authorising him to ring nestlings at the nests of the 6 schedule 1 raptor species listed in the table below. He currently holds a scientific disturbance licence for Peregrine (Cumbria Only), Goshawk (Lancashire and Cumbria), Red Kite (South Cumbria & Lancashire), Osprey (Cumbria & Lancashire), Barn Owl, Golden Eagle (Scotland). Natural England for some curious reason refuse to issue a Peregrine licence for use in Bowland to any member of the NWRG where persecution is widespread, but on the other hand are happy to support his licence for use in Cumbria where persecution is very low.

  1. Peregrine
  2. Goshawk
  3. Hen Harrier
  4. Red Kite
  5. Osprey
  6. Golden Eagle (Scotland)

Taking into account what has taken place in Bowland since 2010, there can no longer be any doubt it was not the Peregrines or their nests Natural England were concerned about saving. Natural England in reaching their decision refusing to reinstate the license of an extremely experienced and conscientious field worker chose instead to ignore the systematic extermination of a protected species taking place in the Forest of Bowland. In our view this was  a misguided attempt to prevent the embarrassment of estates by covering up the illegal killing of Peregrines and the destruction of historic nest sites taking place with impunity. Keeping Terry Pickford together with the rest of the membership of the NWRG out of Bowland, would in some people’s warped opinion conveniently keep this important criminal activity from becoming public knowledge.

Just in case you are one of the sceptics, we have added details of twenty one Peregrine territories below, which are known to have been abandoned inside the boundary of the Forest of Bowland since 2010. You may feel these desertions are coincidental, but you would be wrong. An RSPB spokesperson writing in the Lancashire Life in 2014 explained these losses, details which were never published within the annual RSPB Crime Report Figures as even suspicious, were the result of climate change and the lack of suitable prey, plus possibly some persecution. Well the RSPB would know because they are paid to protect raptors inside the Forest of  Bowland.

22 Forest of Bowland Peregrine territories confirmed abandoned as of this week. 

United Utilities:

  1. Trough Bank, (3 alternate sites abandoned)

  2. Burn Fell (3 alternate sites abandoned)

  3. Lythe Fell, (3 alternate sites abandoned)

  4. Langden Head, (2 alternate sites abandoned)

  5. Brennand Fell, (3 alternate sites abandoned)

  6. Bleadale,  (3 alternate sites abandoned)

  7. Burnslack Fell, (1 site recorded, used once before being abandoned)

  8. Hareden, (1 site recorded, found abandoned 20th March 2016)
  9. Grindleton Fell. (1 site recorded containing 2 chicks. 1 chick shot. 2nd chick observed on wing one mile from nest) Shoot closed down. No charges brought following police investigation into actions of tenant gamekeeper.
  10. Croasdale: This is now known to be occupied.

Abbeystead and Littledale

  1. Threaphaw Fell, (Nesting Ledge Destroyed)

  2. Marshaw Fell, (1 site Nesting Ledge Destroyed, 2 additional sites abandoned)

  3. Hawthornthwaite Fell, (3 additional sites abandoned)

  4. Catshaw Greave, ( site abandoned, traps and grit trays placed close to nests)

  5. Foxdale Beck, (3 alternate sites each abandoned)

  6. Mallowdale Pike, (In 2010, 2 nestlings disappeared, site abandoned ever since)

  7. Tarnbrook Fell, (Nesting Ledge Destroyed prior to 2010)


  1. Grizedale Fell, (Nesting site on ground burnt out)
  2. Luddock Fell, (Nesting site on ground burnt out)
  3. Bleasdale Moor, (Clutch of 3 eggs disappeared within one day of nest being located 2015, site now abandoned)


  1. Greenbank Fell, (3 additional sites abandoned)(Clutches of Eggs disappeared, 2006, 2007, also in 2013, 14. (Site abandoned since single male peregrine disappeared in 2015.)

Cloughton Moor.

  1. Cloughton Quarry, Nesting ledge destroyed 2015, suspected clutch of eggs disappeared in 2014. ( Site found abandoned March 2016)

Cow Ark.

  1. Birket Fell, (Nesting Ledge destroyed in 2010/11 site abandoned)

Additional Relevant Article from Bowland

Loophole being used to prevent raptors from settling down to breed.

Amar et al – Biol Cons Peregrine paper Final Online Version (1)

43 comments to UPDATE: Peregrines in the Forest of Bowland finally brought down by prejudice and misguided politics

  • Tim Sarney

    According to the BTO 2014 UK Peregrine survey, Peregrine numbers in England are up 34% on 2002. Sounds great? But the detail tells us that the exception is the upland areas managed for grouse shooting where numbers are in rapid decline. This article confirms this terrible trend. Bad weather, lack of food? Rubbish – we all know that it is too much lead shot, high velocity rifles and possibly poison. Peregrine sites around the grouse moors, just outside the Forest of Bowland have been doing well. Why don’t they also suffer from alleged bad weather and lack of food? Protecting Peregrine in Bowland appears to be very low priority when compared with Hen Harrier. The statutory bodies, RSPB, Natural England, have failed in their duty to protect the Hen Harrier so what chance did the Peregrine ever have?

    Driven grouse shooting should be banned or at least a licencing scheme should be introduced where licences can be revoked if a protected raptor “disappears” on a particular estate. Perhaps game keepers should be tagged with GPS devices so that their whereabouts are known when tagged raptors go off the radar. Part of a game keeping licence system. As for burning heather in March……

    Additionally, the NWRG should have their licences for Bowland reinstated. They are not paid and can go where the RSPB cannot. The recent rapid decline in raptor numbers clearly shows that the current system and licencees have failed miserably. So why not try something different?

    • Julie Wright

      Totally agree with everything you say, we all know why there are no Raptors in Bowland, because certain people line others pockets & when you have a wildlife crime officer leave and join BASC, well that says it all really!

      • Northern Diver

        Yet that particular Wildlife Crime Officer was replaced by a police officer with a “gamekeeping background” !! Says it all again.

  • Bird lover & concerned U.U. customer!

    This is so informative and equally distressing. It would probably take a small army of determined bird lovers to make this a fair fight either way. It is totally Horrific! It has to be the land-owners who have these ‘unwritten rules’ for their gamekeepers to do whatever it takes to prevent any bird of prey from breeding in this vast area. Do United Utilities need to have shoots on their land? That would be a good place to start, or perhaps to STOP!!! I’m not so sure an unhealthy accumulation of lead-shot is good to have around our water treatment plants and supply.

  • Trapit

    I commented on this subject shortly after the group’s licenses were first revoked, citing a fellow keeper who applied for a job on Abbeystead. He was informed by the head keeper that you always have to watch your back here because of a man from Blackpool and his mates. Clearly the men on the ground,(and that includes the police) know who is up to the job in Bowland, if the licensing authorities do not seem to.

    However we all know there is more to it than that, the number of obstacles and false accusations set before the NWRG, going back to the case against Paul Stott and Carl Smith over twenty five years ago, shows there is something very rotten in this part of the country.


  • Steve Albaya

    I don’t know whether i’m more appalled or angry? What a sorry tale -the upshot is this these birds are being deliberately disturbed and destroyed and the authorities are complicit in these illegal immoral and shameful acts. These birds are a NATIONAL resource and have a right to exist.Something must be done sooner rather than later-for the like of harriers there may not be much later.

    Editor’s Comment. Like you we are all appalled at what has been allowed to take place in Bowland, truly a national disgrace, and one of the most significant wildlife disasterswitnessed in Britain since the pesticide area just after the second word war. Natural England’s involvement in this tragedy is totally disgraceful, and we believe heads should role for their complicit involvement. What was the strategy behind Natural England’s decision to withhold licenses from the North West Raptor Group, clearly it had nothing to do with conservation or protecting peregrines.

    Incidentally Steve we are adding a 22nd peregrine territory to the list of abandoned sites in Bowland. We are currently also investigating two more which will be added to the long list once both territories have been checked out.

    We would strongly urge more of our followers to add their concerns to show their anger at was has now taken place.

  • Andy

    Any news from @Natures_Voice about what they intend to do to investigate what has happened, bring it to the attention of the membership ?.

    Editor’s Comment. Andy, no one will want an investigation because the reasons are well known, this is why the NWRG lost their licenses in the first place to keep their mouths shut. Too many powerful people sitting on this, including Natural England and their bosses.

  • keith sutcliffe

    Terry was advised other licence holders had been appointed to cover this region
    Were they named, or were they gamekeepers on the estates? Need to know.

    Editor’s Comment. No they were not named as they do not exist. The licensed field workers already have enough work to keep themselves busy trying to protect hen harriers and peregrines on the United Utilities estate in Bowland. Besides it appears anyone who is paid to do this work must have land owner approval before entry onto private estates becomes legal under licence conditions. The RSPB have this week advertised for contract workers to protect hen harrier nests both in Bowland, Cumbria and in Northumberland because they do not have sufficiently trained staff to do this important work, whether they have the expertise is another matter, time will tell.

    • Adam L

      It is a national disgrace that one of the greatest areas in England for raptors, is becoming void of so many of them. But it’s not surprising such things are going on under a Government that cares very little for wildlife and the environment! Only 2% of Britains ancient woodland remains, and now that’s going to be reduced even further by the waste of money HS2 being built. Another example of this Government failing to protect the environment. It is good to see though that Mark Avery’s petition is gaining momentum, and will soon hopefully give voice in Parliament.

  • Bird lover & concerned U.U. customer!

    I’m sorry but I have to comment again on this, as I have heard what I will call a ‘rumour’ from someone who shoots on Bowland and is allowed to use lead-shot unchallenged. Call it Chinese whispers if you like and don’t shoot the messenger, but I have kept this quiet until now: The talk is that certain un-named folk have in the recent past been armed with night-vision rifles with HD quality scopes and *cough* land managing *cough* during the dark hours. I also heard about the RSPB offering £7.50 an hour for unsocial hours, presumably late in the evening and early morning, or even through the night. What would these untrained? new recruits to Bowland be expected to do, should they bump into any unsavoury characters, as mentioned above? The likelihood is strong too, as I should have mentioned these un-named folk work with one or two dogs too and they are not after shooting game bird.

  • ros berrington

    After reading this I felt white anger which is the next step up from red anger.I feel for you Terry and for all the other Raptor workers who have given years of dedication and hard work to be treated in this way,for this we salute you.
    It is clear now that this is not just incompetence on the part of Natural England but a much more co-ordinated and cynical approach from them.
    We are having a similar lack of response from them at the Walshaw estate in Calderdale where there has been more burning this season than we can ever remember and illegal digging of drainage ditches in contravention of their Higher level stewardship grant.Yet Natural England have no plans to visit this highly protected site.
    Furthermore our planned meeting with Richard Cross from N.E to discuss issues at Walshaw has suddenly been cancelled by him.
    Do we detect here that Grouse moor owners are beginning to feel the pressure and in turn are putting pressure onto N.E and Defra to do something about the rising tide of public anger against them?
    If so,let,s continue,keep fighting and I,m looking forward to Hen Harrier day…

  • Skydancer

    I have said it for years that the Rspb are not bothered about raptors in Bowland, the peregrine has been allowed to be persecuted to near oblivion there and still hardly a comment about it from the rspb except to try and blame it on weather and lack of prey, well if there is a lack of prey in bowland then the gamekeepers who keep telling us that the grouse moors are safe in their hands are not doing their job properly as the moors should be full of waders and grouse, the goshawk and short eared owl are virtually extinct now in this area the only ones that survive are luckily missed by the keepers, the Hen Harrier is and only will ever be allowed to breed in small numbers due probably to an agreement between landowners and the rspb to appease people that the Hen Harrier is still a part of the area.
    But what do you expect when the rspb warden can often be seen chatting to the local gamekeepers, you can only wonder what it is they are chatting about ? .

    • Terry Pickford, North West Raptor Protection Group

      Kevin, the RSPB do care a lot about the hen harrier, but the moors where harriers attempt to breed on the United Utilities estate are surrounded by other estates that do not. This is supported by the fact there are currently no nesting harriers and peregrines on any of these additional estates. This opposition was also clearly demonstrated in 2014 when Skye and Hope were presumed to have been shot, and again last year when the 4 male harriers disappeared on adjoining estates in private ownership. Recently an RSPB officer from Lancaster admitted to one of our supporters gamekeepers were giving the Society 2 fingers last year. Let’s just see how many successful nest there are in Bowland this season. It can’t be much worse than only one successful attempt out of seven last season, at least we hope not.

      • Northern Diver

        Do you know if the RSPB are going to send an official representative to the Hen Harrier Day at Dunsop Bridge on August 7th? They were represented at HH Day in the Peak District but I didn’t notice anyone at the HH Day in Bowland in the last 2 years?
        What are they frightened of? Is it the police presence? Or the caring members of the public? It would also be good if someone from United Utilities came to say a few words. You could also invite the Duke of Westminster ……oops, perhaps not!

        Editor’s Comment The RSPB have consistently shunned away from attending the Forest of Bowland Hen Harrier event, which of course because of the ongoing killing of hen harriers and peregrines would be the correct venue. There is no doubt Carole they are frightened of becoming linked with this important event, Shocking, then we wonder why so many protected birds are being killed with impunity in Bowland.

        • Bubo bubo

          You have to ask yourself why the rspb warden for bowland goes to the Hen harrier day at the peak district, and if the rspb are so concerned about the Hen harrier in bowland why do they have no representation at the bowland hen harrier day ?.also why does the bowland raptor group have no representation at the bowland hen harrier day ? Are they scared to show to the landowners that they mean business in protecting raptors ?

  • page

    Come to the cities of UK and the skies are infested with peregrines and sparrow hawks. All of this propaganda is for making money.

    • Northern Diver

      How marvellous. Helps keep down those pesky feral pigeons.

    • If you consider infested as 30 or so Peregrine pairs in central London (deemed as a 20 mile radius from St Pauls) then you are correct. However I would imagine your definition of infested somewhat skewed.

      I’d wager you probably own a shotgun and like to kill stuff as well.

    • Page.

      the truth is that our country is infested with vermin like you. no soul, no love of nature or our wild animals and birds. U do not deserve life when you take innocent lives. do not continue to take out your anger on innocent creatures. go see a therapist.

      Editor’s Comment. We presume you are voicing your anger at those responsible for killing these birds, together with those conservation organisations in England who allowed this tragedy to happen?

      • page

        We should be thinking how best to cull in a humane way as there are far to many sparrow hawks and peregrines in the cities causing all other wild birds to disappear in fear, not only that funding such organisations who claim to be saving birds of prey is a lie the money goes in their own pocket. Leave nature alone as it should be.

        Editor’s Comment. You appear to be talking nonsense. On one hand you are claiming there are too many sparrowhawks and peregrines in our cities, then on the other telling everyone we should leave nature alone as it should be. Your philosophy doesn’t make any sense. If you are that concerned about numbers of Sparrowhawks and Peregrines in our cities you could always enlist the help of gamekeepers to get rid of them; afterall they have shot, trapped and poisoned most of our raptors in the rural areas of England so this would give them something to do.

        • Bubo bubo

          Which wild birds are disappearing from our city centres page ? The main prey for the peregrine falcon in city centres is the pigeon , there does not seem to be any reduction of them anywhere and as for the sparrowhawk it will only multiply if there is an abundance of small birds for it to prey on.
          I do agree with you on one point though, leave nature alone as it should be !

  • Simon

    Well have been up on the Derwent Moors for the past 3 weekends – totally devoid of any Raptor sightings save for a solitary male Merlin. What on earth has happened to the Short Eared Owls also?? Plenty of heather still being burned off!!!

  • Bird lover & concerned U.U. customer!

    In response to Terry Pickford: I am sure you are right in what you say above, but from what I hear the RSPB have good reason to be concerned about the Hen Harriers this year. Because of what took place last year, namely 5 male Hen Harriers, each of which were presumably shot and buried, it’s make or break for the RSPB (in my opinion), especially bearing in mind the unprecedented loss of so many Peregrine territories too from Bowland, which disappointingly the RSPB could not, or did not (*controversial*) prevent?
    If more (of the favoured) Hen Harriers are lost from Bowland and elsewhere, resulting in nests being deserted once again this year, then the credibility of the RSPB, who are assigned to these areas would surely be severely damaged. Something has to change!!! (I’m not exactly sure what though).

  • Julie Wright

    I’ll tell you what needs to change, ban driven grouse shooting or better still someone high up decides to move & sells the land for a nature reserve. Surely there are some nice millionaires out there who love wildlife, think of all the money in tourism, which would help the towns and raise a lot more than grouse shooting. I can picture it now.

  • Natural England are anything but natural. They are not fit for purpose. You only have to look at their past record with regard to protected species, the list of failures with regards to raptors is obvious to all who read these pages and the licensing for the NFU to eradicate protected badgers in an unscientific and inhumane cull under the lie of solving the bTB issue.

    They are nothing more than a wholly owned subsidiary of the CA, NFU and CLA.

  • licences issued by Natural England to enforce an unscientific badgers kill is easy now that Andrew Selles, friend of Osborne, is there.

    Editor’s Comment. Significantly Natural England are prepared to provide licenses allowing some estates to kill raptors, but then refuse to issue licenses to experienced raptor workers who are prepared to protect these important species. Just who is pulling the strings at Natural England, can it be the shooting estate owners, or others higher up the political rankings?

    • Let’s face it, it goes all the way to number 10. Cameron blocked the rise in shotgun license fees and hunted with the criminally convicted Heythrop. It’s no surprise our wildlife is persecuted while we have people in power who see wildlife as something to gain enjoyment from if it’s hunted and killed or something to be eradicated if it’s gets in their way of the previous.

  • Bird lover & concerned U.U. customer!

    I have just read that report from the Guardian and things just jump out as very dodgy indeed: How can anyone be both deputy chairman of Natural England and chairman of the Environment Bank at the same time and; If I read it right: These folk allegedly act as a ‘broker’ with Housing Developments ordered from higher up? Is it a Masonic thing? Do they shoot together? Is it back-handers? Arse licking? A combo of all the afore-mentioned? possibly PROBABLY. All roads lead to what ‘they’ label ‘sport’. I like the # – #SportMyArse!

  • Percy Stanbury

    What an interesting and informative site this is. It’s disappointing the level of conflict that exists between what looks like very polarised “sides”. I do hope I’m ok to post on the site? Percy.

  • page

    To the editor
    I am not talking nonsense have respect for other people’s comments.The reason why I am saying to stop interfering with nature is because certain organisations are increasing numbers in cities by means of un natural breeding in captivity and let loose to create havoc and other means is putting boxes on high rise buildings. So get your facts right and go and do some research.

  • Thorbjorn Odinsberg

    You are talking utter claptrap Page. Peregrines and Sparrowhawks are not bred in captivity for release. More lies from the antiraptor lobby your research is not very good or thorough.

  • Coop

    Robin Page, by any chance? Smells like his bullshit.

  • Percy Stanbury

    So we hear that Langholme as a Grouse Moor is having its keepering team withdrawn and the owners have finally called it a day. It’s a shame as it currently hosts double figures in Hen Harrier nests and could still stand some walked up Grouse shooting. Neighbouring Farmer moaning that “who will shoot the Foxes now?” Maybe he has a point as Simon’s team shot over 300. Additionally there will be no Stoat/Corvid control which will be a disaster for the Harriers and the ground nesting birds. But possibly a door could open? Maybe Mark Avery and Chris Packham and the RSPB could take on the management of the Moor? Just think of the tourism that would flock to see the steadily declining wildlife albeit steadily increasing Crows and Foxes. There could be a Lush shop selling Hen Harrier “bath bombs” which sink as fast as “The two Bills” when caught beating heather whilst undertaking their “stalwart” duties in Costy, Eagle Owls star bursting faster than Mr Demain caught on film in same spot. It would make great TV? Not even the black adder script writers could make it up? More to follow…. Keep up the good work Raptor Politics.

  • Peeved

    If I was to get too close by law to a peregrines nest to get some photos of brooding adults or fledgling youngsters you can bet I would be arrested and charged with disturbing sced one birds,but for the life of me I can’t comprehend how 17 + pairs can be illegally killed and persecuted without anyone held accountable,that figure beggars belief,backhanders,brown envelopes and Tory bastards all in it together…

  • peeved

    When you have cameron’s in laws involved in bop destruction in north east scotland and getting away with it,you haven’t got a chance sadly…..

  • Julie Wright

    So what are the RSPB doing about the loss of 23 Peregrine sites then? Curtesying to milord no doubt!

  • Bird lover & concerned U.U. customer!

    What exactly is the excuse being used for this obvious and deliberate slaughter! Is there ANYTHING at all us United-Utilities customers can do, as a collective, to put pressure on them (U.U.) to at least put a STOP to shooting on their land and allow trusted NWRG members, or ‘trusted’ R.S.P.B. Wardens a permit to watch as and when, 24/7 and report anything and everything they feel right. I understand that unfortunately, the neighbouring land is also currently used for ‘shoots’ and the almost extinct B.O.P. are at great risk every time they even pass over these parts. Has there EVER been an organised petition to pressure the U.U. at all?

  • The Watcher

    Perhaps the RSPB are possibly keeping the site secret from the 2 Bills.

  • paul williams

    And was the ex-ray eyes RSPB warden…the one that can see round corners.

  • paul williams

    The Watcher…..Very Amusing

  • Trapit

    I was one of the walkers spoken to by the RSPB warden on the Saturday. Myself and two companions, along with our dogs spent maybe half an hour, possibly a little longer well outside the quarry. During this time I only observed a Kestrel hunting the moor lower down the valley, and heard one call behind me, possibly over the quarry or just to one side.
    If the warden did give us false information, it could have led to unwitting disturbance. This would have been observed by a second RSPB employee sat in a vehicle close by, possibly resulting in prosecution.

    • bubo bubo

      well that trapit is called entrapment,maybe the rspb are trying to prosecute someone for peregrine disturbance in bowland so that they can blame them for all the other territories being abandoned to take the blame away from their gamekeeper friends, mind you the last time they tried I heard they made a fool of themselves.

      Editor’s Comment. We have just received information via our Contact Us Link claiming the person seen entering and then leaving the Croasdale peregrine site, causing the nesting peregrines 2 hours of disturbance, was working for the RSPB apparently placing a surveillance camera. This was very poor field behaviour whatever the reason placing the success of this active nest at high risk. Eggs left to chill for 2 hours are likely to result in their failure to hatch. We will now await the success or otherwise of this nesting site with some interest.