Man found dead on Saddleworth moor died from ingesting a banned pesticide, possibly placed on the moor to kill raptors.

From the Guardian -A pensioner found dead on a remote hillside in the north of England died from a dose of rat poison, toxicology tests show. The unidentified man was found on Saddleworth moor on 11 December, 24 hours after he caught a train from London to Dovestone Reservoir near Oldham, Greater Manchester. Toxicology tests have confirmed that he suffered strychnine poisoning. Strychnine is a highly toxic odourless alkaloid used as a pesticide, particularly to kill rodents.

If you read the guardian you would think that this was a sad case of someone being poisoned by rat poison, but in fact this so called ‘rat poison’ has been banned for years. Why? – Because it is highly deadly and has a continuous life causing secondary, thirdly and fourthly poisoning!!

 Strychnine is a banned pesticide, outlawed for use in the UK since September 2006 by the EU’s Biocide Directive. It has been used to kill birds of prey and this poor man was in the wrong place at the wrong time eating something which had been placed out possibly to kill wildlife not humans. The police are not looking into this!

At the same time a loony right winger called Paul Nut – hall MEP for Ukip for the North west of England where this man died is trying to have this poison brought back in use. He claims that the EU was wrong to ban it but give him a cake to eat with Strychnine in it and see how long he can survive!

Strychnine poisoning can be fatal to humans and other animals, possible still being used to kill rators, and can occur by inhalation, swallowing or absorption through eyes or mouth. It produces some of the most dramatic and painful symptoms of any known toxic reaction. For this reason, strychnine poisoning is often portrayed in literature and film.

If this came back on the market large numbers of wildlife [and humans] will die.

5 comments to Man found dead on Saddleworth moor died from ingesting a banned pesticide, possibly placed on the moor to kill raptors.

  • Robin Waterman

    Really? Is it not much more likely that this man choose to go there to commit suicide using this substance that he took with him? Would an adult human really eat a bait (most likely acut upon and decomposing bird or rabbit carcass) they have found on a moor?

  • Hybrid

    It does prove that Strychnine is ‘around’ if you really wanted to get hold of a small amount even. IF indeed this man has come into contact with something which had been poisoned with this so called banned substance and then, unwittingly ingested the small amount needed to kill a Raptor/Human, perhaps there would be a cover-up anyway, depending on who the landowners were, or who asked for it. Not forgetting the fact that it is odourless and could prove fatal, more so to an elderly person with a less sturdy immune system if inhaled. He could very easily have found something placed for a fox, or other animal or bird, which would take game birds as a food source. On the other hand, if the man wanted to kill himself, he could have done so at home, or by using a less painful and easier to obtain sleeping pill, or even Paracetamol, which anyone can get hold of. Will we ever know the real truth? Probably not. All possibilities will surely remain ‘open’ unless the politics behind it are revealed. That’s my take on it, but either way, it does highlight how deadly a substance Strychnine is and that it should surely remain on the banned list.

  • Walter Salmon

    This is an utterly ridculous thing to suggest. You have no idea of the circumstances and how this man came to ingest these substances. Is he really likely to have started gnawing on a bait on open moorland. But why let a lack facts get in the way your headline.

  • Surely this indicates the this deadly poisonous substance is still in use,but we all know that anyway.True,nobody can prove how he came to ingest it but apart from the sadness of this story isn’t the whole point of this article to show that this poison and others equally as dangerous are being used to kill wildlife and that this was an accident waiting to happen.
    We all know that domestic animals have eaten poisoned baits , often laid in public places and putting the public at risk, the people who do it have no concern about anything but their hatred of raptors and any other wildlife that gets in the way of shooting.
    What if this had happened to a child, would it still be pushed to one side then? This substance and all the other substances used to kill wildlife has been banned for years and quite rightly so, those caught using it should go to prison.

  • Walter Salmon

    Nobody disputes that there are still many banned substance around, including Strychnine, and that they are a danger, but to make such a huge speculative leap to suggest the man may have come into contact with iot and it may have been intended for raptors is inappropriate at this stage. No doubt in the fullness of time there will be an inquest and the facts will disclosed. Surely it would give RP more credibility to wait until there is evidence available. Work on facts and not speculation.