Game Shooters dump shot pheasants by the road side

Over two dozen shot pheasants left to rot in field, simply dumped after a day’s shooting. Game shooters like to justify their sport by always claiming they are simply bagging birds for the pot. But the discarded pile of dead pheasants left to rot in a field tells a completely different story.


A shoot which took place at on an exclusive country estate has been branded by campaigners  as ‘target practice with living creatures’ after around 30  birds were found dumped at a roadside afterwards.

Mr Ed Shepherd of the League Against Cruel Sports, who took undercover pictures across Britain during the shooting season which ended on February 1, said it was unlikely anyone was coming back to collect the shot pheasants at Maesmawr Hall , Mid Wales.

What people are allowed to do to pheasants would be illegal to do to any other farmed animal. It’s an industry solely setup for profit, not producing food.

We will leave you to read the full text published by the paper. But consider this, so called sportsmen who shoot game for sport often claim there is a need to cull protected birds of prey because they are killing too many game birds. If game birds shot for sport can be discarded in this manner as surplus to requirements, these claims sound very hollow indeed.

7 comments to Game Shooters dump shot pheasants by the road side

  • Hybrid

    An absolute disgrace, especially when ANY passing Bird Of Prey are blasted out of the sky by these bastards, for taking pheasant and other game birds to survive and feed their young. I don’t know if it’s right or wrong, but could these wasted KILLS not be left at known sites of certain BOP and actually leave them alone?!? I have no doubt whatsoever, that shot game bird will be left to rot, wherever? after each organised shoot. This is just so WRONG!!!

  • Northern Diver

    But what about the lead shot and lead particles in the carcases? We don’t want that accumulating in our birds of prey or any other predator for that matter.
    Sign the petition, please:-

  • Terry Pickford, North West Raptor Protection Group

    We should also be concerned for the millions of customers who take water from United Utilities, the only water utility company in England who allows their shooting tenants to use cartridges filled with lead to shoot game throughout the company’s moorland water catchments in Lancashire’s Forest of Bowland. Over the last 100 years in excess of 100 tons of lead pellets are estimated to have been deposited on heather moorland owned by this company.

    Just imagine what would happen to anyone who deposited lead scrap on moorlands owned by United Utilities used for the catchment of drinking water. Interestingly it is known that at least one gamekeeper who worked on moorlands in the Forest of Bowland owned by United Utilities died from stomach cancer.

  • Skydancer Kevin moore

    United utilities are putting the game shooting interests of its friends in high places above the safety of its millions of paying customers and for what ? How much does UU get for allowing grouse shooting on its land ? Is it worth it ?

  • Hybrid

    I must apologise guys, I thought lead-shot cartridges had been replaced, or banned? So, my comments on perhaps leaving wasting carcases in a known breeding area of certain BOP should be 100% reversed! That is the last thing we want! I have a lot to learn and at least this has been brought to the attention of the likes of myself who was not aware? With the recent water contamination in the North-West, you would think folk that do just blast birds for their own sick pleasure, would be more mindful of what they do with the carcases to protect both the wildlife and food chain, including all the paying customers of United Utilities.

  • Northern Diver

    Hybrid, I’ve learnt a lot too in the last 18 months of reading this blog and others. If you want more “flesh on the bones” regarding Lead shot and the damage it does to our environment (and those who eat small game) look at scroll down the right hand side under Categories and pick “Lead”. The x-rays of grouse from Iceland Frozen Foods (CEO Malcolm Walker, a shooter) in particular are fascinating.

    As a UU shareholder, I am going to write to them about this issue. Whether that will have an effect, who knows?

  • Julie Wright

    Unfortunately they don’t care, friends in high places.