What surprises await our threatened raptors on red grouse moors in 2016?

Will the 2016 breeding season be worse or better for ‘protected raptors like the hen harrier and peregrine that have the misfortune to venture onto moorland in northern England where red grouse are shot for sport? We would like to think the situation will improve this season, but we remain pessimistic based upon last year’s […]

Egyptian vultures increasing in Catalonia

While the European population of this bird of prey is generally declining, that of Catalonia has been increasing for two decades – answers to this may prove essential to revert the conservation situation with this endangered species.


The Egyptian vulture Tizón is spending its second summer in Mauritania

Tizón – the young Egyptian vulture tagged in September 2014 in Spain – is currently in Mauritania, in the same wider region where he spent most of his time since he crossed the Sahara Desert in October 2014. As the Egyptian vultures are now arriving already in the Iberian Peninsula, the most probable […]

Game Shooters dump shot pheasants by the road side

Over two dozen shot pheasants left to rot in field, simply dumped after a day’s shooting. Game shooters like to justify their sport by always claiming they are simply bagging birds for the pot. But the discarded pile of dead pheasants left to rot in a field tells a completely different story.


New paper on a case study on black vultures and windfarms: High mortality and a novel tool for EIAs and SEAs on new plans

Photo of two black vultures by Bruno Berthémy

While wind energy is environmentally friendly, and prevents climate change, it has well-known impacts in terms of collision of raptors and other wildlife with wind turbine blades, leading often to a conflict. In this paper the authors focus in an area in Greece that […]

Thirteen American bald eagles found dead on a Maryland farm, the largest single die-off of bald eagles in the state in 30 years.

The bald eagle shown below was one of 13 found dead on a farm on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. (Maryland Natural Resources Police) by Dana Hedgpeth and Julie Zauzmer February 22 at 7:54 PM. The Thirteen bald eagles found dead near a farm on Maryland’s Eastern Shore may have been poisoned, authorities say, in the largest […]

New project for the conservation of black and griffon vultures in the Rhodope mountains (Bulgaria-Greece) launched


The kick-off meeting for the EU-funded project “Conservation of Black and Griffon vultures in the cross-border Rhodope Mountains”, led by Rewilding Europe in partnership with Rewilding Rhodopes Foundation, Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds/Birdlife Bulgaria, WWF Greece, Vulture Conservation Foundation and Hellenic Ornithological Society/BirdLife Greece, was held last week in Haskovo (Bulgaria).


At least 4 new pairs of bearded vultures found in the French Alps this year

This image of a Bearded Vulture by Antoine Rezer

With the breeding season in full swing, preliminary data about the bearded vulture population in the French Alps is very encouraging – observers suggest there are at least 4, possibly 5 new pairs in the French Alps, when compared with last year.


The Government has responded to the petition to Ban Toxic Lead Ammunition

Dear Mr. xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx,

The Government has responded to the petition you signed – “Ban toxic lead ammunition”.

Government responded:

The Government is considering the independent Lead Ammunition Group’s report and will respond as soon as possible. See: www.food.gov.uk/science/advice-to-frequent-eaters-of-game-shot-with-lead.

Lead shot has been prohibited for wildfowling since 1999 […]

Egyptian vulture research and monitoring in Oman