The structure of bearded vulture egg shells and implications for conservation

Two Bearded Vulture eggs being incubated in captivity

The results of a very interesting research project undertaken by Mauro Hernández from the Facultad de Veterinaria of the Universidad Complutense Madrid were revealed today 27/01/2016.


DEFRA’s Joint lack of ‘Action’ A failure to bring the root cause of Hen Harrier killing to an end first.

This important story is being republished here for a second time because a number of our followers have voiced concerns that DEFRA’s 6 point proposals will do nothing to advance the cause of the Hen Harrier. Importantly, DEFRA have not addressed the root cause behind the loss of Hen Harriers from moorland in northern […]

Exceptional spotted eagle season in the Strait of Gibraltar

The last months of 2015 have been exceptional for spotted eagles (sensu lato in the Strait of Gibraltar. Over 10 putative Lesser Spotted Eagles Aquila pomarina (LSE) have been recorded from the 25th August, when Victor Estrada photographed in Tarifa the first bird of the autumn, to the 17th of November when we […]

Vultures Back to LIFE – the dream goes on. New LIFE project for the reintroduction of the black vulture to Bulgaria starts!

Black Vultures

In the last few years one of the focus of the VCF has been on restoring vulture populations in the Balkans. Some planning work resulted in a Balkan Vulture Action Plan, and in the last few years the VCF has been contributing to great work done […]

Satellite-tagged Spanish Imperial Eagle (Aquila adalberti) at Guelmim, Morocco

A Spanish Imperial Eagle (Aquila adalberti with a satellite transmitter on its back photographed by Rachid El Khamlichi a few days ago in the region of Guelmim, southern Morocco. The bird observed also by Daniel Buron, Alfonso Godino, Catarina Machado and Jose Rafael Garrido who visited the region together. It’s probably one of […]

And yet again in Zimbabwe – 41 critically endangered white-backed vultures poisoned to death

A poisoned Lion found in Zimbabwe Earlier this week the Vulture Conservation Foundation reported on the latest mass poisoning of vultures in Kenya. Very sad to report another one, this time in Zimbabwe: one lioness and 41 White-backed Vultures were found dead on the Zimbabwean side of the Greater Mapungubwe Transfrontier Conservation Area. […]

DEFRA’s Joint lack of ‘Action’ A failure to bring the root cause of Hen Harrier killing to an end first.

Stephen Murphy National Hen Harrier Coordinator holding satellite tagged Harrier which after fledging disappeared.

Like many of our followers we were very disappointed after reading the 6 point action plan proposed by DEFRA intended to restore the hen harrier population back to their normal levels in England. A glaring omission […]

The Golden Eagle in Scotland – As climatic changes take hold, what future awaits these iconic raptors in the 21st Century?

For thousands of years the Golden Eagle has survived against all the odds, finding safe refuge in one of Scotland’s most rugged and beautiful landscapes in the Western Highlands of Argyll. Here amongst the isolated glens of Glen Coe’s peaceful Blackmount Forest as many as 8 pairs of Golden Eagles have continued to […]

Flight Identification of Raptors of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East: Book Review

Flight Identification of Raptors of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East By Dick Forsman

Helm Identification Guide Published by Bloomsbury

Hard Back Price £45.00 Pages 544 ISBN 978 1 4729 1361 6

This is a monster of a book for all bird of prey lovers with 1100 pictures of raptors in flight. 60 […]

Should the National Wildlife Crime Unit be properly funded by the British Government?

There is a crime wave cascading through Britain that the government doesn’t appear much to care about. In Lincolnshire alone, police have arrested or reported for summons 152 people for hare coursing since September 2015, compared with just 65 for the entire “season” last year. Poisoned Peregrine Falcon […]