‘Holly’ a satellite tagged Scottish hen harrier reported missing, presumed dead

Holly was the only female of the three chicks in her nest (unfortunately 2 eggs did not hatch). The nest site was located on high security MOD land at Coulport, Argyll & Bute. Sadly the RSPB have reported Holly missing, another statistic in a long line of missing hen harriers presumed dead.


Holly fitted with satellite transmitter in June this year. Image by John Simpson

Holly had her first taste of fame when her nest was featured on BBC Scotland’s Landward programme in June, in a special feature about hen harriers and persecution. Holly was named after one of the production team. After the glamour of TV, she was given some privacy and the growing brood was watched from further afield.
Holly was fitted with her satellite tag in late June 2015 by members of the Scottish Raptor Study Group, assisted by the MOD Police. She was also ringed, measured and given a general health check. She was found to be fit and well. Holly and her two siblings fledged successfully in early August.

Unfortunately, recent data received from Holly’s satellite tag suggests that she has died. This is being followed up, and the RSPB have agreed to provide further information as soon as possible about this curious disappearance.

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