Immature Goshawk found dead

Image courtesy of Frank Mawby

A dead goshawk, possibly a female, was found weighing 705 g by Chris Mawby, who works for Natural England at Finglandrigg National Nature Reserve near Carlisle. The hawk was discovered on Monday 14th December lying on the track which leads into […]

Hundreds of raptors illegally killed since 1994, says RSPB

Image copyright RSPB Scotland

A golden eagle that was found poisoned in Sutherland in 2010

A 20-year review of the illegal killing of birds of prey in Scotland shows 779 raptors died between 1994 and 2014, according to RSPB Scotland.


More Spanish black vultures will soon be on the way to France to be reintroduced into the wild.

The Vulture Conservation Foundation is organizing one more time the transport of Black Vultures from Spain for the reintroduction project in France. This year 7 healthy individuals were secured, five from Extremadura (which has the largest Black Vulture population in the world, about 900 breeding pairs) and Andalusia (2 birds). All these birds were […]

Fledged White-tailed eagle found dead from natural causes on Mull.

Forestry Commission Scotland

We’ve just had some very sad news in from the Forestry Commission Scotland on Mull. They are reporting the young sea eagle which fledged from the Isle of Mull nest site at Tiroran this year has been found dead – it appears the young eagle has died of natural causes and shows […]