Sherborne castle estate one way of undertaking countryside management.

The following detail was recently published on a Dorset Hunt Saboteur blog and the information passed on to Raptor Politics for republication below. The text provided by the author is pretty terrible and may possibly be having an adverse effect on protected wildlife in this estate in the Sherborne area. Is this the kind of methodology used by other estates to manage their sporting interests? Please re tweet this data to all your friends and contacts to highlight what is seemingly taking place on this estate in Dorset.

Things don’t change in some parts of the world, Harvey nicks still rips fur from fox’s in order to put onto women’s bodies, the circus shop in sherborne, still sells little tufts of racoon fur on top of angora hats even though rabbits have screamed in pain and agony when being ripped of their God given fur and don’t mention Dorset police who make great big public show of doing a wildlife watch week, when we all know that they openly leave all Dorset hunts to quietly get on with dispensing cruelty to small fluffy wild mammals. Dorset sab group continue to carry the burden of facing them off on their own, despite the fact hunting with a pack of dogs is now illegal. The police do actually have plenty room to work with  (the hunting act 2004) if they ever decided on  giving the wild life a genuine thought. why don’t they take a drive out to to Abbotsbury some time and see the Cattistock hunt in the reed beds and tell them to get out of it? They are there every Saturday.

So the status quo remains the same, with things we can’t change in this world but you would think that the hunting and shooting fraternity could make some concessions?

When I see a tree creeper crawl around a hopper full of warfarin poison I tend to think, how can someone be so cruel minded?

The ecology system of our wildlife is all dependant on each other for food. If you place warfarin poison into the food chain at some point you are going to contaminate the food chain. And this gets into  the birds, the badgers and the fox’s. It’s all so abhorrently cruel minded.

Its not only the target species that can get into these hoppers, tree creepers are very good at crawling into small nooks and crannies, I have seen these birds on the sherborne castle woods crawl up the trees in a vertical like manner, pecking at the bark as they go looking for insects. what is to stop these birds crawling into the hoppers and eating the warfarin soaked grains?


The hoppers are put out in extensive numbers all over the woods in order to kill squirrels.

These are the symptoms of warfarin poisoning on animals.

  • Weak, wobbly, unstable
  • Nose bleeds
  • Blood in vomit
  • Blood in stools
  • Bleeding from rectum
  • Bruises and hematomas under the skin
  • Hemorrhages (excessive bleeding) in the gums
  • Ascites (swelling of the belly) due to accumulation of blood in the abdomen
  • Difficulty in breathing due to blood in the lungs (this will make a rattling or crackling sound) eventually causing death.


To think of a wild animal dying in this slow and painful way is really upsetting, but the gamekeepers seem to dispense it without any thought, in fact they have it down to a fine art, placing the hoppers at the end of runs as they know how squirrels like to run along things. Then who eats these contaminated squirrels?


And why don’t these people have any compassion and thought for a squirrel? No creature deserves to go through such a long, slow and agonisingly painful death. the effects of this poisoning is far reaching and only serves to put other wild life into danger.

Thousands and thousands of birds are reared for shooting on this estate every year. There is enough birds to feed an army of natural predators.

Do we want to see our fox’s on Sherborne Castles stink pits? I would love to see a fox around here but you never do. This is where they end up.


What a dirty stinking mess and how could you possibly call this “countryside management” or “conservation?

But I draw the line on the tree creepers and tawny owls, as they are not even predators to their birds and are in the care of Sherborne castle estate.

All conservation groups In Dorset would like to see a much more ethical practise at that castle and are getting frustrated with the lack oF communication coming back from the estate.

Dorset badger group held a demonstration outside the castle last week to spread awareness that Badgers were found to be trapped and shot on the estate grounds during a cull. Sherborne castle is an old deer farm , an ancient deer park. It is a most fascinating place to visit but they don’t like nature lovers there and it seems they don’t hold nature or wildlife in high regard, look at where their beloved deer end up….thrown on a stink pit without any respect, care or love.

Shame on them.

A Dorset Hunt Saboteur.

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