Electrocution of 3 Spanish Imperial Eagles, 5 Bonelli’s Eagles and 1 Golden Eagle at Guelmim, Morocco.

This is the report about the electrocution of 3 Spanish Imperial Eagles (Aquila adalberti), 5 Bonelli’s Eagles (A. fasciata and 1 Golden Eagle (A. chrysaetos in the Guelmim region, Morocco November 2015. The numbers of the electrocuted birds could be even higher because these eagles were found in a small section of the […]

Black vulture Bernardus goes south in Spain

On the 21st November we published details of the movement of the captive-bred Black Vulture “Bernarnus” which had been released in September from it’s enclosure in the Verdon Valley, southern France. You are able to follow the story here. Today we are adding additional details published this week by the Vulture Conservation Foundation showing the […]