Tough wildlife laws must be brought in now, but don’t expect any action from the Westminster government.


Police officer Sgt Phil Canning holding an illegally poisoned red kite.

?RSPB Scotland and OneKind call for full implementation of wildlife crime review findings. Charities are demanding the Scottish Government take urgent action to tighten up punishments for wildlife crime.


30 protected birds of prey killed in Northern Ireland in three years, report claims


Dead Male Peregrine Falcon

More than 30 protected birds of prey were killed in Northern Ireland in three years, according to a report on wildlife crime.


Captive-bred black vulture “Bernardus”  released in Verdon is now in Spain

The European captive breeding program (EEP) for the Eurasian black vulture registered good results also this year. Zoos and animal parks in the Eurasian black vulture EEP network try to breed the species in captivity to provide the chicks to reintroduction projects. One young bird from Pairi Daiza, Cambron, Belgium was thus released last […]