Yorkshire Red Kites 2015 Breeding Season

2015 Breeding Season

The 2015 breeding season confirmed the continued expansion of the population with new pairs being recorded in a number of areas. Circumstances outside the control of Yorkshire Red Kites prevented the monitoring of breeding pairs in one area. The overall figures for the season, as shown in the table below, include an estimate of the figures from that area based on the number of pairs recorded there previously and the breeding performance of those pairs which were actually monitored elsewhere this year.


Image courtesy of Les McLean, “Harewood Pair”

This estimate leaves us just one successful pair short of the landmark 100 figure. However, there were undoubtedly other pairs which were not traced and we can safely assume that we now have well into three figures of successful breeding pairs in the county.






West Yorkshire

65   (63)

61  (61)

54  (53)

102  (93)

North Yorkshire

44   (40)

40  (37)

36  (31)

68  (63)

East Yorkshire

             14      (9)               11     (8)                 9   (7)

16  (15)


123 (112) 112 (106)

99 (91)

186 (171)

Average young raised per successful   pair = 1.88 (1.86). Figures for 2014 shown in brackets.

This article has been published here with the approval of Doug Simpson MBE Co-ordinator of the Yorkshire Red Kites

4 comments to Yorkshire Red Kites 2015 Breeding Season

  • Albert Ross

    Good work. Keep it up. The time will come when we all can share the sight of these wonderful birds.

  • Brian Leecy

    It’s great to have some good news for a change ,and this certainly is. All the People who have played a part in this Success Story should all be very proud of their acheivements.Its Fantastic to see these Superb Birds ,Regards .

  • Very nice image Les McLean. Excellent to see good productivity with almost 90% breeding success. Obviously a plentiful food supply in Yorkshire for this wonderful raptor.

  • ros berrington

    Last time I visited the Harewood estate area I was overjoyed to see the number of Red Kites flying around me,it was a rare privilege to see a raptor species in such abundance.Congratulations to all involved.