New guidelines for feeding Bearded Vultures in captivity have been published by the VCF

Bearded Vulture, known as the bone breaker for obvious reasons

The bearded vulture captive breeding network (organised under an EEP program under EAZA – European Association of Zoos and Aquaria, and managed by the VCF) is a fantastic and rather complex collaborative effort between many people and organisations – and is at […]

Black vulture population continues to increase in Andalucía – 360 pairs in 2015

The Consejería de Medio Ambiente y Ordenación del Territorio of the Junta de Andalucía (the regional government) has recently published the results of the census of the breeding population of black vultures in that Spanish autonomous region: 360 breeding pairs, 31 more than in 2014. 119 of these pairs are in the province […]