The Story of 16 Fox Cubs Found in a Barn

In May 2015 a League Against Cruel Sports investigation led to the discovery and rescue of 16 fox cubs in a barn, on land linked to the Middleton Foxhounds Hunt. […]

Bulgaria: Summary of Saker breeding season 2015

This year’s breeding season for the Saker Falcon in Bulgaria has proven to be extremely successful. Our target was to release 20 birds, and we managed to release 19. This was the first year that we had attempted to breed and release so many.


More black and griffon vultures die near the Avila waste treatment centre (Spain)

Photo Colectivo Azálvaro

The remains of two more black vultures and two griffon vultures have been found in the last few days by members of the Colectivo Azálvaro, a local NGO, near the waste treatment plant of Avila, in Central Spain. This follows the […]