Ban Bloodsports on Ilkley Moor

Breaking News! Bradford Council to Implement Heather Cutting on Ilkley Moor!

Bradford Council‘s Environment Committee voted unanimously to explore and implement a heather conservation programme on Ilkley Moor consisting of cutting, at its meeting at City Hall last night.

The decision was made following the Council accepting evidence presented by Ban Bloodsports on Ilkley Moor (“BBIM”) outlining significant environmental harm caused by burning – a practice used by hunters to increase grouse numbers for shooting -, including posing a threat to red and amber listed birds, reducing biodiversity, air and water quality and degrading blanket bog. Whilst burning has been retained, it will only be permitted where it can be clearly demonstrated there is no other option available.

Luke Steele, Spokesperson for Ban Bloodsports on Ilkley Moor, comments: “Heather burning causes significant environmental damage to the uplands, including posing a threat to protected birds, degrading blanket bog, decreasing air and water quality and reducing biodiversity. This has for the first time been accepted by Bradford Council.

Steele continues, “We welcome the Environment Committee’s decision to explore and implement a heather conservation programme based on cutting and only allow burning where it can be clearly demonstrated there is no other option available.”

BBIM wishes to thank all of our supporters who took action on this issue by participating in our e-lobby in the run-up to the meeting.

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5 comments to Ban Bloodsports on Ilkley Moor

  • Circus maxima

    Another step in the right direction.

  • Brian Leecy

    This is such a great break through ,thanks to all those People who have been involved,this sends the Message Out ,and no longer will this Trashing of our Uplands be tolerated !

  • ros berrington

    congratulations to all concerned in moving towards a much needed improvement in how heather moorlands are treated by grouse shooting estates.

  • Double standards the league against cruel turn ablind eye to some cruel sports like falconry and the hundreds of lost birds of prey hundreds are found and not claimed back and lots are not even reported missing or lost.I read about 100 falconers at a meeting on famland hawking our native grey partridge with lots of non native raptors our greys are in big decline. to abandon hundreds of birds of prey and don’t claim them back is a crime. It as been going on for years,

  • Northern Diver

    But how about this for hypocrisy and (allegedly!) twisting the facts?

    Friends of Ilkley Moor did a biodiversity survey in 2012 and biodiversity had declined. Thank goodness Bradford Council have banned the numerous, not daily checked traps and now burning (but much burning was carried out in October). What a surprise that a company that sells guns should be trying to support a shooting syndicate that is hopefully about to lose its lease in 2018. This on a publicly owned moor bought by local contributions to stop shooting back in the days of Queen Victoria! Also Edward Bromet does not even live locally but over 28 miles away. Goodness knows where the other shoot members come from. Local people are not even informed when the shoots are occurring.