Electrocution of 3 Spanish Imperial Eagles, 5 Bonelli’s Eagles and 1 Golden Eagle at Guelmim, Morocco.

This is the report about the electrocution of 3 Spanish Imperial Eagles (Aquila adalberti), 5 Bonelli’s Eagles (A. fasciata and 1 Golden Eagle (A. chrysaetos in the Guelmim region, Morocco November 2015. The numbers of the electrocuted birds could be even higher because these eagles were found in a small section of the […]

Black vulture Bernardus goes south in Spain

On the 21st November we published details of the movement of the captive-bred Black Vulture “Bernarnus” which had been released in September from it’s enclosure in the Verdon Valley, southern France. You are able to follow the story here. Today we are adding additional details published this week by the Vulture Conservation Foundation showing the […]

To be or not to be, are pheasants livestock or wild birds, that is the question?

Its a fact shooting estates, for their sporting advantage, want their pheasant to be both! Classified as livestock when being reared in an enclosed pen, but then reclassified as ‘wild birds’ when they are released into the wild to be shot; a trick houdini would have been proud. But what does this mean? When pheasants […]

Red-footed falcon, a rare summer visitor to Britain, found shot to death

A rare red-footed falcon has been found shot dead near Whittlesey in Cambridgeshire. Cambridgeshire Police, the National Wildlife Crime Unit and the RSPB are all appealing for anyone with information regarding this appalling shooting of such a rare protected bird to come forward. You will find the RSPB press release HERE


Tough wildlife laws must be brought in now, but don’t expect any action from the Westminster government.


Police officer Sgt Phil Canning holding an illegally poisoned red kite.

?RSPB Scotland and OneKind call for full implementation of wildlife crime review findings. Charities are demanding the Scottish Government take urgent action to tighten up punishments for wildlife crime.


30 protected birds of prey killed in Northern Ireland in three years, report claims


Dead Male Peregrine Falcon

More than 30 protected birds of prey were killed in Northern Ireland in three years, according to a report on wildlife crime.


Captive-bred black vulture “Bernardus”  released in Verdon is now in Spain

The European captive breeding program (EEP) for the Eurasian black vulture registered good results also this year. Zoos and animal parks in the Eurasian black vulture EEP network try to breed the species in captivity to provide the chicks to reintroduction projects. One young bird from Pairi Daiza, Cambron, Belgium was thus released last […]

Anger mounts as police probe confirms another red kite poisoning

Police in the Highlands are appealing for information following the confirmed death by poisoning of another red kite in the Highlands. The kite was discovered by a member of the public on farmland in the Glenferness area at the end of October. Test results returned this week have confirmed the bird had ingested an illegal […]

Norfolk, Stody estate loses 75% of Single Farm Payment after 10 Buzzards found poisoned

Allen Charles Lambert. The Stody Estate in Norfolk has lost 75% of its single farm payment after its former gamekeeper was found guilty of killing 11 birds of prey.


Bearded vultures are flying to Corsica this weekend

The 2015 annual bearded vulture meeting – an annual conference of experts on this species, organised by the VCF – will take place this weekend (21-22 November) in Corte, Corsica, and will gather 80+ conservation managers, researchers, scientists, vulture overs and government officials from more than 10 countries.