New Games at Langholm.

We are now well into the second of the Langholm project and still no Red Grouse shooting even though there were plenty of birds to shoot in 2014. The reason for not shooting was explained by the head gamekeeper as ‘wanting to preserve the present number to increase numbers in 2015’! As many of you […]

The Red Sky on the Black Isle, new film about the poisoning of 16 Red Kites and several Buzzards in 2014

In August this year we published an update on the poisoning in 2014 of 16 Red Kites and several Buzzards on the Black Isle, Ross-shire in Scotland, a serious wildlife crime that still after after 19 months has not been solved. We highlighted a claim made by the north of Scotland’s Chief of Police Julian […]

Local Beavers Spark National Conference

When beavers appeared on the River Otter, most people welcomed their return to Devon. A similar public response was seen in response to Scottish reintroductions to the rivers Tay and Knapdale. They also sparked a debate about the potential benefits of restoring wildlife. For example, could beaver dams be a natural way to reduce flood […]

Our role in extinctions cannot be denied

Extinctions: happening since before we were around, but happening a lot more now. Andrew Milligan/PA

The State of Nature report published this month showed that of more than 3,100 British species surveyed, 60% are in decline, and one in 10 of those species on the Red List are under threat of extinction.


What can be done to make sure that wind energy and Africa’s vultures co-exist

Badly sited wind farms may pose a threat to Bearded Vultures in southern Africa. Shane Elliott […]

Vultures in crisis: poachers and poison threaten nature’s garbage disposers

Just doing their bit for the ecosystem. Image by J.J.Musgrove

Vultures are nature’s garbage disposers. They’re perfectly adapted to keep the environment clean and healthy by efficiently locating and consuming carcasses, recycling energy through the food web and preventing the spread of diseases. It’s an unpaid role. […]

Pick up a polecat – Tracking the polecat’s comeback

This magnificent animal was almost exterminated from the UK by persecution. In the early 20th Century, polecats remained mainly in mid-Wales. However, the good news is they have been staging a comeback. The National Polecat Survey is now asking members of the public to help by sending in records of any sightings. This will allow […]

Should Scotland be “rewilded” with wolves?

The last wolf in the UK was shot centuries ago, but now a “rewilding” process could see them return to Scotland. Adam Weymouth hiked across the Scottish Highlands in the footsteps of this lost species.

In Glen Feshie there stand Scots Pines more than 300 years old, and in their youth they may […]

The Maltese hunting federation (FKNK) sees ‘malicious intentions of anti-hunting individuals’ in plans to revise EU Firearms Directive

EU plans to revise the Firearms Directive will have a negative impact on thousands of Maltese who legally own firearms for hunting, the FKNK said today.


Landowners welcome ‘impressive’ new moorland research by Scottish Natural Heritage.

Scottish Land & Estates has today welcomed a new report by Scottish Natural Heritage that reviews sustainable moorland management.

The report which has received input from a wide range of industry stakeholders, provides an authoritative examination of four key issues:

the development of a shared vision for Scotland’s moorland efforts to avoid moorland deterioration […]