Thank you to all the volunteers who have joined us for the International Bearded Vulture Observation Days!

On the 10th October hundreds of observers spent a great day in the field high up in the Alps or in the Massif Central in France, searching with binoculars and telescopes for bearded vultures, in the International bearded vulture observation day – a one day simultaneous survey across the alpine […]

Wild Bearded Vulture “Jacques” released in the French Pyrenees after successful rehabilitation

The adult male bearded vulture, named “Jacques”, that had been picked up injured at the Parc National des Pyrénées (Aspe Valley) on the 9th of April 2015, was finally released last month (on the 15th of September) after 5 months of rehabilitation. The VCF has continuously advised the people in charge throughout this period.

One man´s passion for Spanish griffons – and the diclofenac threat pending over them – video

In this video, you can see a short story about one man´s passion for griffon vultures – and hear about veterinary diclofenac, an impending threat to them.

(Photo Inigo Fajardo/VCF)