1506 Peregrine Falcons in 1 Day Count – New World Migration Record

It has just been announced this morning by a number of British news media companies that Prince William during his visit to China will be making a TV appeal to the Chinese people asking the country to protect endangered species INSTEAD OF KILLING THEM.  This approach by our future king is tainted by his own hypocrisy; the prince seems to have completely ignored what is taking place within his own backyard here in England. Why has Prince William never spoken out about the impending extinction of the hen harrier here in England following their extensive persecution on moorland used to shoot red grouse? Does our future monarch even care, or is this situation something he would rather forget about? Come on Prince William do the right thing. You can not really preach to other countries about the killing of endangered wildlife while turning a blind eye to the illegal killing of wildlife here in England, or can you?

Now we turn to a more uplifting story below, a story of the success of one raptor species, a species brought back from extinction by human intervention – the peregrine falcon in the New World.

peregrine flying-1

Peregrine Falcon: Image courtesy of Terry Pickford

Good news from America, Hawk Watchers in Curry Hammock State Park, Florida Keys last week set a new world record on the 10 October 2015 for the highest number of peregrine falcons recorded on their southerly migration in one day. A staggering 1506 falcons counted in total.


October 10, 2015 was an incredible, magical day when 1506 migratory Peregrine Falcons were tallied from the Florida Keys Hawkwatch at Curry Hammock State Park. No other site in the world has recorded such a high count during a single day of this incomparable predator. The previous world record was established by our site during Oct. 10, 2012, when an impressive 651 total Peregrines were tallied that day. This year’s new record more than doubles the previous count from 2012.


vid image

This day was also the third highest day count for Sharp-shinned Hawks at our site, totaling in 1241. It would have taken 284 more Sharpies to match the 1525 from Oct. 20, 2011.

Below is a list by the hour of the impressive Peregrine Falcon flights our site experienced throughout the day (Oct. 10, 2015):

0900-1000: 10
1000-1100: 35
1100-1200: 250
1200-1300: 386
1300-1400: 453
1400-1500: 241
1500-1600: 46
1600-1700: 26
1700-1800: 28
1800-1900: 31
TOTAL: 1506


OUR AMAZING HAWKWATCH VOLUNTEERS this day were Ted Keyel, Colleen Kimbert Caudill and Charles Caudill. Mark Hedden and Rafael Galvez were backup counters during the latter half of the count day. A tremendous effort by this crew! Tom and Janet Kuehl have been visitors for many days and shared this magical day with us – thank you for your help and enthusiasm.



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