Pallid Harriers arriving in the N.E of Britain

A Pallid Harrier-A rare Harrier rarely seen in Britain
This morning has seen many Geordie birders descending on Holy island, not for religious reasons but the passion to see yet another Pallid Harrier in Britain. All the birds recorded this autumn have been juvenile birds and as we said weeks ago Sweden was witnessing their largest movement of this bird ever. See Here.

Now we see up to 3 birds recorded in Shetland and a second one in Orkney. A long stayer in Sussex. Movement down the east coast with birds seen at Tarbat Ness, Highland on the Isle of May, Firth of Forth, Spurn in Yorkshire and Kent. The west side has seen a possible Pallid Harrier at Hoylake, Cheshire and one on St David’s Head heading towards Ramsey Island, Wales.
Some of these records may well be an individual bird moving but there is still time for more birds to arrive. This is at a time when so many Hen Harriers are being destroyed especially on upland areas, how will this government protect this iconic raptor from the guns of the few that want to destroy wildlife in Britain? The Pallid Harrier may well have a better chance passing through Malta than many parts of Britain! Lets hope this is another species which may one day colonise Britain as a 2nd year male has already paired with a Hen Harrier in Orkney way back in 1995 and produced eggs.

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