The Pine Marten makes a come back into Wales, is England next?

Pine martens, like the one pictured above have been moved from Scotland to the forests of the Cambrian mountains in Wales

Quietly, and with no fuss, a major corner has been turned in the restoration of Britain’s dreadfully impoverished biodiversity: pine martens are being reintroduced to Wales, and may […]

Terry Pickford invites you to join him bird watching in the Czech Republic May 2016.

Three-toed woodpecker-Photographed in southern Bohemia. Are you a birder with a passion for getting up close to rare and endangered raptors, for example Imperial Eagle, White-tailed Eagle, Ural Owl, Black Kite, Honey Buzzard and Montagu’s Harrier? If you are that person this exclusive 7 day visit in May 2016 to southern Bohemia […]