Ban driven grouse shooting to protect the environment and protected birds like the Hen Harrier.

GrouseRaptor Politics has nearly 4000 followers on twitter, we are asking each and everyone of our followers for your help protect our moorland ecosystems and birds of prey that use these regions to breed. This year there were only 6 successful breeding pairs of hen harriers in England brought about by a campaign of illegal persecution on grouse moors by many gamekeepers.

As if this situation was not bad enough, there are now more pairs of peregrine falcons nesting inside London than exist on moorland in England’s northern uplands where red grouse are shot; estimated to be less than fifteen breeding pairs, when numbers should be closer to 100 pairs. Short-eared owl and goshawk are also being targeted on grouse moors to protect grouse stocks which of course are then shot for sport in their tens of thousands each year.

To give everyone a better understanding of just how serious the situation has become for so called ‘protected birds of prey’ throughout England’s northern uplands where red grouse are shot let’s examine just one region. Take Lancashire’s Forest of Bowland, a moorland region where red grouse shooting has been undertaken for over one hundred years. This year only one successful hen harrier nest with an additional 4 nests being abandoned after 4 male hen harriers disappeared after leaving their nesting territories to forage for food to feed their mates. Since 2010 peregrine numbers throughout the Forest of Bowland have crashed resulting in at least 17 territories being abandoned in this region in just 4 years.

Please take the time to sign Mark Avery’s e-petition if you have already not done so? It is important that the grouse shooting industry get their house in order and stop killing our protected birds of prey in support of their sport. If this industry is unable to abide by the laws of the land like the rest of use, then banning driven grouse shooting is the only option the rest of us have.


Only 6 pairs of Hen Harrier were allowed to breed successfully in the whole of England this year.

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Grouse shooting for ‘sport’ depends on intensive habitat management which damages protected wildlife sites, increases water pollution, increases flood risk, increases greenhouse gas emissions and too often leads to the illegal killing of protected wildlife such as Hen Harrier.

The RSPB , 7 March 2014 ‘…burning drainage and other forms of intensive land management in England’s iconic peat-covered hills are threatening to create a series of environmental catastrophes’

Inglorious – conflict in the uplands (a book on why we should ban driven grouse shooting)

Dr Dick Potts, scientist, 1998 ‘…a full recovery of Hen Harrier breeding numbers is prevented by illegal culling by some gamekeepers’

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