Malta: Parliamentary Secretary Roderick Galdes silent over BirdLife ‘intimidation’ by Wild Birds regulator

BirdLife accused the WBRU of intimidating their officials in an attempt to silence the organisation from exposing the impact of illegal hunting.

Parliamentary Secretary Roderick Galdes

Animal rights parliamentary secretary Roderick Galdes has kept silent in the face of serious allegations that the state’s Wild Birds Regulation Unit is trying to prevent BirdLife Malta from […]

Cruel Game – The Truth Behind Pheasant Shooting

This new film reveals the cruel truth behind the life cycle of the pheasant – a non-native bird raised to be killed for sport.

‘Cruel Game’ shows young birds, bred in their millions in Europe for British shooting estates, struggling in a futile attempt to escape barren breeding cages. They are mutilated with ‘bits’ […]

Ban driven grouse shooting to protect the environment and protected birds like the Hen Harrier.

Raptor Politics has nearly 4000 followers on twitter, we are asking each and everyone of our followers for your help protect our moorland ecosystems and birds of prey that use these regions to breed. This year there were only 6 successful breeding pairs of hen harriers in England brought about by a campaign of illegal […]

Lead poisoning and bearded vultures in the French Alps –significant progress in the seminar this week at Annecy

Frank dialogue and important commitments from both conservation organisations and the hunting organisations, including the Federation National de la Chasse – characterized the two day seminar held this week in Annecy, and co-organised and facilitated by the Vulture Conservation Foundation.