Anger after ‘evil’ snare kills otter in Somerset

Otter Killed By Snare

We were sad to read of another needless death of an otter in a snare in Somerset. The animal was found alive with the snare around its middle. At first it seemed to be recovering but unfortunately deteriorated and died.

1 The otter caught in the snare by the Bleadon Sluice gate.jpg-pwrt3 The otter killed by snare. This is very much like the case we had on Skye in 2003 with an otter we called George. He was found in a similar situation and the snare had cut deep into his body all around the middle (photo below). He actually survived for two weeks and the wound was healing well but then he also crashed and died.

At first the animal trapped in Somerset appeared to not have any severe injuries, but sadly he then deteriorated and died within 48 hours. It is likely that he had suffered internal bleeding.

From the position and the size of the snare it would appear to have been set deliberately to catch an otter, and a stake had been driven in to the mud to secure the snare.

The post mortem revealed “cardiac enlargement due to circulation having been compromised and the cause of death was from circulatory failure”. Over the years we have had six cases of otters being caught in snares, just on Skye. How many more animals are suffering throughout the country because of these barbaric devices?

5 The snare used to trap the otter

The snares in which the otter was found trapped

Secret World Founder, Pauline Kidner, said, “It is such a waste to see an otter in prime condition killed by a thoughtless person with had no qualms in setting the evil device that has caused pain and trauma to this wild creature. “I just don’t understand why it’s possible for anyone who wants one to buy a snare that can be set either legally or illegally.

Of course there are legal snares and illegal snares – legal snares are free-running so that if the animal relaxes it will slacken – but who actually believes that a wild animal that is caught in this way is going to relax and lie down quietly. Until snares are banned completely the loss of animals, including otters, foxes, domestic dogs and many more, will just go on. http://www.somersetcounty

This story was first published by the International Otter Survival Fund

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