Inglorious: Mark Avery will be speaking at the Ilkley Literature Festival

Mark-Avery-110409-10Mark Avery, the former RSPB Director of Conservation will be speaking about his book “Inglorious” and the problems with driven grouse shooting as part of the Ilkley Literature Festival – specifically on Sat. Oct 10th at Ilkley Playhouse 4.30pm.  Book your tickets by following the added link.

Mark Avery, who recently launched a petition calling for all Driven Grouse Shooting in England to be banned, will be talking about the controversial issue of driven grouse shooting in Britain and the damage grouse shooting causes to the environment and to a wide range of birds of prey on grouse moors, in particular the hen harrier now facing extinction in England.  He will consider the environmental impact for the grouse population, the huge economic importance and longstanding tradition of the sport and the ecological effects on the land.

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