Malta: Honey Buzzards shot as hunters warn against abuse

BirdLife Malta ‘confirms’ shot protected birds during the first two weeks of autumn hunting.

Injured Honey Buzzard (Photo: BirdLife Malta) At least three Honey Buzzards were shot leaving one injured and two dead, during the first two weeks of the autumn hunting season, BirdLife Malta said. The news comes as Kaccaturi San Ubertu issued […]

Petition: Ban driven grouse shooting to save the Hen Harrier

Petition Ban driven grouse shooting

Grouse shooting for ‘sport’ depends on intensive habitat management which damages protected wildlife sites, increases water pollution, increases flood risk, increases greenhouse gas emissions and too often leads to the illegal killing of protected wildlife such as Hen Harriers.

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RSPB , 7 March 2014 ‘…burning drainage and other […]

The dark side of the driven grouse shoot

As ‘Saturday Kitchen’ romaticises grouse hunt, UK campaigners highlight the causalities in this “field sport”.

A brood of dead hen harrier chicks all found mutilated in a nest

This Saturday, on the highly popular cookery show Saturday Kitchen, viewers were shown the classic footage of the […]

BirdLife Malta welcomes European Commission decision to take Malta to court over finch trapping

BirdLife Malta yesterday (15/09/2015) welcomed the European Commission’s decision to refer Malta to the European Court of Justice over its finch trapping derogation. Conservation Manager Nicholas Barbara said “BirdLife Malta applauds the Commission for not hesitating to intervene in the breach of EU laws to stop the suffering and pointless trapping of wild protected birds […]