Countryside Alliance urges BBC to sack Chris Packham in conservation row


Chris Packham has presented Springwatch and the Really Wild Show. 

The Countryside Alliance in what appears to be a concerted move to silence Chris Packham’s outspoken criticism of leading conservation groups for sitting on the fence over fox hunting, badger culling and the plight of hen harriers are seeking his removal from the BBC.

Tim Bonner, chief executive of the Countryside Alliance, which lobbies to promote the interests of rural people and communities, said Packham was pursuing “obsessive crusades” and that the BBC was printing “blatant political propaganda”.

Packham’s monthly column in BBC Wildlife magazine argued that conservation groups were “hamstrung by outdated liaisons with the ‘nasty brigade’ and can’t risk upsetting old friends” in the rural and shooting communities.

The magazine, produced under licence from the BBC by Immediate Media and obliged to follow BBC editorial guidelines, defended Packham strongly.

“The column was highlighting criminal activity. It was not controversial. He was saying that we all need to do more on the illegal killing of wildlife and that no one should be standing by when criminal acts [were taking place]. Packham was doing something of real value,” said editor Matt Swaine.

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19 comments to Countryside Alliance urges BBC to sack Chris Packham in conservation row

  • Country Folk

    The Countryside Alliance is a vile group of individuals intent on destroying our wildlife heritage in the name of Profit. They practice outdated and barbaric pastimes and actual seem to get a thrill in doing so. They should question themselves seriously.

  • i support Chris, we need to stop the needless culling and start prosecuting the people who kill our PROTECTED wildlife he is the best one to comment and if it upsets a few people then maybe they should not be in the position that they hold. Wise up and support him.

  • Erica Gaize

    The BBC is supposed to be impartial! Chris is a very valuable asset where our countryside and environment is concerned and should not be gagged.

  • Julie Wright

    They are running scared, because Chris Packham has a huge fan base and can reach a lot of people. They don’t like the fact that we won’t put up with Wildlife crime anymore and they are trying every trick in the book to discredit anyone who doesn’t agree with illegal killing of our wildlife.

  • Jay mcnish

    So Chris Packham has spoken out and they want him gagged and sacked…really? I think you’ll find there’s a lot of support out there for him speaking out, perhaps the CA should take a long hard look at themselves instead of trying to remove those who speak out, there should be more that are willing to raise their voice!

  • Jay Mcnish

    So Chris Packham has spoken out and now the CA want him out…really? There should be more people willing to raise their voice not less, what are you trying to hide…the truth? He’s got my support

  • Sandra Fogarty

    Chris Packham should not be silenced, or fired. He is passionate about wildlife and seeks to educate people. He has my support.

  • ros berrington

    I support Chris Packham in his stance on wildlife crime and asking for support of conservation organizations makes perfect sense.I think he is an excellent broadcaster and has done so much in increasing peoples knowledge and respect of the natural world.

  • How can you sack someone for speaking the truth,,,,

  • Chris Packham is simply a first class TV presenter with an intimate knowledge of wildlife issues.

  • Pam Blower

    Only organisations or people doing wrong want things silenced……Chris Packham is honest and has the courage to walk his talk.

  • Ann Rankin

    Typical BBC. Someone actually speaks the truth & the threat of getting sacked looms. The BBC are an outdated institution who should seriously get a grip. Unbiased my arse.

  • Brian Leecy

    Chris as to be applauded for his stance on Wildlife Crime and having the Guts to put his own neck on the line ,I just wish he was more supported by our major organisations.He is spot on and tells it as it is,he has not broken any laws ,just speaking the Truth . Onwards and upwards Chris,you have my Complete Support.

  • nirofo

    The BBC should be proud they have someone like Chris Packham who is prepared to say it like it is, they should ignore the moans, groans and lies from “The Countryside Alliance” the group who’s members include many of this countries top wildlife persecutors. The Countryside Alliance are just a sorry bunch of living in the past Victorian era wildlife persecuters who think they are doing nothing wrong by illegally killing protected birds of prey. It’s this group that needs to be banned, not someone like Chris who is all for protecting wildlife, not killing it !!!

  • Cas Stait

    CA do not deserve the publicity their action has engendered. Rather than respond on here surely emails direct to the bbc would be of more use.

    Could someone provide an email address please, I’m doing this an an android that is in danger of being chuked thru a window n I mean thru not out!

    Let’s bombard the bbc (AND Chris with emails n tweets to let him know we support HIM) and NOT give publicity to CA idiots!

  • Really is a shame there are not more presenters out there, and people like Mark Avery prepared to do what he does .Good to see that they really are worried about them.

  • A Langslow, I wrote a letter to the BBC Magazine last week that Chris Packham writes for. Is it true what I read in the National Newspapers about Chris saying that elephants and deer need to be culled because they have no natural predators?

    “WE have to play a proactive role and that means killing things. People come to shoot near where I live, and they ask me where the deer are, and I tell them the deer are over there- GO AND BLAST” His support for culling the African Elephant comes despite a huge campaign to protect the species in recent decades after the population was devastated by poachers.

  • Paul Tresto

    Countryside Alliance, Moorland Association and BASC – all the same when it comes to grouse moors and pheasant shoots. They call it predator control! But what they are doing is producing mono cultures to protect single specific species which they want to shoot. Anything which threatens this is eliminated. Their counter of upland wader protection etc. is a red herring. Pheasants are Asian and should remain in Asia. Releasing millions of poults every year is madness. We are elimating Grey Squirrels due to their being an introduced foreign species, why not eliminate pheasants? Or at least let them reproduce naturally in the wild. Grouse will survive perfectly well in a natural environment where predators are left untouched. This Victorian way of life should cease immediately. How many people are employed in the shooting industry? End it now, financial support and re-training for out of work keepers, promote wildlife tourism, stop training new keepers. According to this weeks newspapers the oil industry in the UK has just lost 65,000 jobs due to the fall in the price of oil. This is a result of market forces which we all have to live with.

  • Bamboo

    Anyone that advertises the fact and even sets up a petition that they want the BBC to sack Chris Packham are just scared and know themselves that Chris is right in what he says. Look at the results to prove. It makes the Countryside Alliance look like complete idiots!! Which they are!