Scottish Government: Annual wildlife crime report

Wildlife Crime in Scotland – 2014 Annual Report

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

ISBN: 9781785446931

A report on wildlife crime in Scotland in 2014, including information on incidence and prosecutions up to 2013-14, and on research, advice and other work relevant to wildlife crime.

Reduction in number of wildlife crimes.

Recorded wildlife crime dropped […]

Emptying The Skies: The illegal slaughter of songbirds in Cyprus.

Only one road runs through the Cypriot village of Xylophagou, and the traffic rarely stops. There is a florist selling dusty ferns in pots, a hardware shop protected by a gaggle of surly-looking youths on mopeds, and a deserted fast-food outlet. The main parade ends at a cafe overlooking a roundabout that leads the […]

How we can ensure that both grouse and hen harriers thrive on moorland, according to the Moorland Association.

We have published below copies of two letter recently published by the HeraldScotland in response to Mark Smith’s column (“Compelling case for ban on shooting of all birds“, The Herald, September 23). The first letter was written by Amanda Anderson, Director, The Moorland Association. The second letter was written by Jamie Stewart, Director, Scottish Countryside […]

Anger after ‘evil’ snare kills otter in Somerset

Otter Killed By Snare

We were sad to read of another needless death of an otter in a snare in Somerset. The animal was found alive with the snare around its middle. At first it seemed to be recovering but unfortunately deteriorated and died.


Tobia the Egyptian vulture made it to Malta – and survived the ordeal, after having been guarded all night long by conservationists and the police!

After Agata and Sara were released in Puglia in late August (see here and here for news on those two birds), four other captive bred Egyptian vultures have been released on the 9th of September in Calabria, as part of an experiment to test procedures and get crucial data on the feasibility and relevance of […]

The Scottish Government is proposing to cull 25% of the Barnacle Goose population on the Hebridean Island of Islay.

The Scottish authorities are proposing a 25% cull of Barnacle Geese on the Hebridean Island of Islay. To discover more of this story follow the link to the Wildfowl & Wetland Trust web site. Barnacle Goose captured on winter feeding grounds The recent average has been 36,000 Barnacle geese using the island […]

Natal dispersal of Eagle Owls: a European scale project

Photo: Vincenzo Penteriani Natal dispersal (i.e., the movement of wandering individuals from their birthplaces to their first breeding locations) can be considered one of the most intriguing ecological processes determining the spatial spreading of individuals. Dispersal is a field that embraces a multitude of disciplines, from population ecology and genetics to conservation biology. In […]

The poisoning in 2014 of 22 birds of prey in Scotland: Red Sky on the Black Isle Trailer

In 2014 22 birds of prey including 16 red kites were found dead in one small area of the Black Isle in Scotland. A year on, the locals are making sure this story is not forgotten documented in a new documentary film by Lisa Marley.

This film was self-shot for the MA in […]

Sweden is now witnessing the largest movement of Pallid Harriers ever to occur in the country

This week we are hearing some great news about Pallid Harrier breeding in Finland and now you can watch one of the females as she migrates to winter in Africa. Just as exciting Sweden is now witnessing the largest movement of this species ever to occur in the country and already a few Pallid Harriers […]

Inglorious: Mark Avery will be speaking at the Ilkley Literature Festival

Mark Avery, the former RSPB Director of Conservation will be speaking about his book “Inglorious” and the problems with driven grouse shooting as part of the Ilkley Literature Festival – specifically on Sat. Oct 10th at Ilkley Playhouse 4.30pm. Book your tickets by following the added link. […]