Images of Wildlife Slaughter, captured on Grouse Moors. Dozens of reason why Driven Grouse Shooting must be banned.

If anyone was unsure where they stood about banning driven grouse shooting in England, examine the two composite images below which may just change your mind if you had any doubts. The two images portray trapped, shot and poisoned animals and birds of prey all killed to protect game stocks which are bred and released […]

The Cumbrian News are running a readers poll to determine who would like to see Driven Grouse Shooting Banned

This week the Cumrian News, a local newspaper serving the people of Cumbria launched a readers poll to find out who and who would not would like to see all Driven Grouse Shooting in England banned. As of this morning Sunday 23rd August the poll is 70% to ban and 24% against. If you would […]