Buzzard with injuries in right wing found in Cheshire. Not shot


The injured buzzard found this morning in Cheshire with suspected gun shot injuries.

The buzzard presumed to have been shot recovered from undergrowth next to a field in Hale Barns Cheshire this morning was definitely not shot test have now revealed . The bird was captured by ACO Bradshaw from the RSPCA who attended the incident. A cursory examination of the bird seemed at the time to suggest the bird may have sustained gun shot wounds to the underside right wing and the right eye. The buzzard was taken to RSPCA’s Stapeley Grange Wildlife Centre for examination and treatment. After further tests and examination undertaken earlier today it has now been confirmed the bird had not been shot. It is now appears more likely the buzzard’s injuries may have been caused by colliding with a vehicle before the bird come to rest under a nearby hedge.

Update 21/08/2015

Following examination by an RSPCA it was discovered the buzzard had a dislocated & collapsed wing with an open wound over the joint showing  bone and she was put to sleep last night.



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