Kestrel attacks Barn owl, unbelievable images caught on camera

Get your own lunch! Incredible pictures show barn owl fighting off hungry kestrel’s mid-air swoop to snatch the vole he has caught.  This incredible collection of images shows the moment a barn owl and kestrel became entangled in a mid-air fight over a vole taken by the barn owl.

Perched on top of a fence, the owl surveyed the field of in Cresswell, Northumberland, before swooping in on the small rodent running around on the ground.

With its catch firm in its beak, it was ascending back to a safe place to dig in when the kestrel intervened, smashing into its body and sending it into a spin.

The two birds squawked over the prey mid-air, their majestic feathers flapping above the field beneath them. Eventually the kestrel was victorious, leaving the honey-coloured owl no other choice but to look elsewhere for food.

Their show-down was captured by a wildlife photographer who observed the extraordinary encounter and published in the MailonLine.
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