Conservation status of birds of prey and owls in Norway : 2014 Report

Anyone interested in birds of prey, including owls, will want to read this Norwegian report published in English and written by Oddvar Heggøy & Ingar Jostein Øien. The report is up to date with enough data contained within the 129 pages to keep you reading for a few days. If you are thinking of going to Norway to see and photograph raptors reading this book is a must. Many of the images taken by the authors are spectacular, we like the ones of the Gyr Falcon and Eagle Owl. Even if you have no plans to travel to this fantastic country, the report is still worth reading.


White-tailed eagle eyrie built on stack on Norway’s north west coast containing two large eaglets

You will see from the text and the images contained in the report wind farm proliferation in parts of Norway are now adversely affecting raptors, in particular icon birds of prey like the White-tailed sea eagle. It was disappointing to read many more large wind farm installations are now planned. Read the full report here.

White-tailed eagle-1

White-tailed eagle killed in S.W.Norway by wind turbine blades

Now it appears the Norwegian government have just approved an additional turbines which will be sited in S.W. Norway, an area rice with raptors. The results could be a disaster for raptors like the White-tailed eagle. We will publish more information as we receive it.

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The location of 120 proposed turbine for S.W.Norway

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