RSPB shoots down ‘utterly ridiculous’ claims it is waging class war against hunters

The RSPB has dismissed accusations by a City tycoon that it is waging a “class war” against the shooting fraternity as the “utterly ridiculous” comments of a man who knows nothing about the charity. It has invited Crispin Odey, an old Harrovian hedge fund manager and shooting enthusiast, to visit it to find out […]

New paper published on feather moult in Bearded Vultures

(Photo VCF/Bruno Berthémy)Bearded vultures only start breeding after they are 7-8 years in life, often later, and undergo progressive plumage changes throughout the early years. Monitoring of bearded vultures often requires identification of the age classes, and so understanding the moulting process in this species is necessary. We therefore welcome the publication of […]

[WATCH] BirdLife Malta staff ‘attacked by trappers’

BirdLife Malta says its staff was attacked in Delimara after discovering suspected illegal trapping site

The BirdLife Malta staff members were walking in the Delimara Point area at around 6.30pm this evening when they heard an illegal bird caller. As they approached the site, where they saw equipment related to trapping, they suddenly became […]