White-tailed Eagle reach for the Sky on the Island of Mull.

Mull’s eagles are estimated to generate up to £5 million towards the island’s local economy each year


Scientist claims the Capercaillie is on brink of extinction in Scotland.

ONE of Scotland’s most famous birds is on the brink of extinction, a leading expert on the species has warned. The number of Capercaillie has fallen by more than half and the amount of birds left could be as low as 700. Dr Robert Moss, the UK’s leading authority on Capercaillie, blames the potentially catastrophic […]

The cold and wet weather has ruined prospects for ‘Glorious Twelfth’ in many parts of Scotland.

At least this year many more Red Grouse will be spared to live another day

Shooters on the “Glorious Twelfth” may struggle to find grouse next week – with experts saying the “dreadful” Scottish weather has ruined prospects for the shooting season. Following four bumper seasons with high numbers of […]