Bald Eagles are back in California’s Channel Islands archipelago, buts what’s on their menu?

Now a team of American Scientists want to find out how these reintroduced Bald Eagles have managed to survive

Several years ago some people mused about the possibility of bringing extinct species back into existence, a process that’s been dubbed “de-extinction.” It’s an intriguing idea, but one important […]

Gamekeeper ‘argued with townie girlfriend and put pistol to her head’

Ralph Sturgess admitted his relationship was having problems Photo: Hull News & Pictures Gamekeeper Ralph Sturgess mocked his girlfriend Roxanne Daley, 22, for being a city girl who would never understand country ways, before putting a loaded .32 Walther PPK pistol to her head and threatening to shoot her, a court heard. […]

18 English Hen Harrier chicks successfully fledge in 20015

A press release issued today [5th August] by Natural England has announced that there were just 6 successful Hen Harrier nests in England in 2015 with a total of 18 young fledging. The news from Langholme although not as good as last year was perhaps due to the cold and wet weather conditions this year. […]